Ilmotorediricerca is a multi-disciplinary artistic collective that is open and nomadic and was born in Apulia in order to improve the potentiality of his own geographic essence, starting out from the knowledge of his opposite land side: Albania. During the Tirana Film Festival  four projects / researches, which are articulated and complex for  the cultural-crossing references  between Italy and the Balkans, will be introduced:
Albania 1e1000, an Italian-Albanian magazine carried out  through a travel, relationship and listening practice in collaboration with the Mergimtari Association of Turin, for the Turin Geodesign during the Turin World Design Capital  2009;
The accent o f reality (L’accento di realtà), a project by Matteo Fraterno and Cesare Pietroiusti, in collaboration with Morra Foundation and Pino Pascali Museum of Polignano, is a video built as a musical clip shot in Polignano, the native-born city of Pino Pascali and Domenico Modugno based on a Modugno text song modified by a group of young artists coming from Apulia;
Brothers, the sons of Evaristo de Chirico (Fratelli/Adelfia, figli di Evaristo de Chirico), a research and a workshop along the Pelion railway line built by the end of the 19th century by Evaristo de Chirico, an Italian engineer and, most importantly, the father of Giorgio and Andrea (since 1914 well-known as Alberto Savinio), two of the European artists that have changed the history of Europe; the whole lives of two brothers could be considered like the paradigm of a likely, contemporary European myth;
Macramé, is a  tale about Carmelo Pericle and was used as the plot for an artistic workshop and sensitive pedagogic approach in the schools which involved  the Sicilian children of the primary school “Monte degli Ulivi” of Riesi for an European project in collaboration with the Fitcarraldo Foundation of Turin.

A multi-screen video installation and a physical meeting point in Tirana will knot again ideas and cultures on the road to the Adriatic Sea with the participation of Lorenzo Romito (Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade),  Piero Vereni (an anthropologist of the Tor Vergata University of Rome) and Petros Lekapinos (the Alberto Savinio greek translator) and in collaboration with the Independent Film Show, coordinated by the Euro Mediterranean Arts of Napoles.
The activities of ilmotorediricerca are promoted and financed by Regione Puglia, Assessorato alla Trasparenza e Cittadinanza Attiva within the “Principi Attivi” project.

Nico Angiuli, Roberto Dell'Orco, Matteo Fraterno, Michele Loiacono, Marianna Quaranta