Suela Bako


Suela Bako, completed full acting studies, at the Academy of Arts in Tirana. She has been part of many short and feature films  and  theatre productions, as an actress. She worked as a TV director 10 years. While she completed the Studies in Master Deggre Film & Tv  directing, at the University of Arts in Tirana. She has 6 short films written & directed by her: “Sea” 11’, 2012 ; “Meditation with Shakespeare” 3’ Film etude, 2013; “The director” 5’, 2013 ; “The dinner” 15’, 2014 ; “Fllad” 5’, 2014; “Shirt sleeves” 14’, 2015. “Light” a documentary for  Gjon  Mili 52’, co/written & co/directed Suela Bako & Yllka Gjollesha 2017, “The night of power”  27’, 2017 (in post-production is written % directed by Suela Bako also)


“The dinner” - Best Film Award, in GJFF, 2014, “The dinner” - Best National Film, B3F 2014, “The dinner”-  Erjeta Cufaj - Best supporting role award, GJFF, 2014 “The dinner”- Suela Bako - DEA award as an encouragament, for a promissing start to a successful film career, Dea Film Fest 2014, “The dinner” - Suela Bako - Best adaptation of characters, New York Albanian Film Week 2015