Sokol Shameti

Sokol Shameti, (born April 29, 1978) is an Albanian columnist, writer and journalist. Much of his interest is concerned with Politics of Albania, political philosophy and the late modern and contemporary history of the Balkans. Engaged with the Anti-globalization movement and International Organization for a Participatory Society, his work focuses on the failure of the political bodies of the left wing to represent public interests, the totalitarian ideology of the Neoliberalism and the transformation of the new left into right wing capital controlled parties. He is often mentioned among the Radical left activists in Albania.

Since 1996, Sokol Shameti has collaborated with a number of newspapers, online media and broadcasters in Albania and abroad including Gazeta Shqiptare, Koha Jone, Klan News Magazine, Korrieri, Klan Television, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Courrier International, Gazeta Shqip, Top Channel,,, etc.