Director: Janina Vilsmaier 
Englisht title:  Skin
2011/ UK/ 18’23’’

The Latin word for tattoo is stigma. Be it a rite of passage, a status symbol, pledges of love, sentimental, religious, spiritual, or simply a mark of decoration. This film challenges the stereotypical view of tattoos and the type of people who have them. The film is driven by a colourful host of characters, including a tattoo artist in London as he talks about his work. We see him explaining the process and the variety of clients he’s decorated. Other characters give the reasons behind having tattoos, including a retired GP (doctor) who only began decorating his body with ink after he turned 60.  Another man has huge wings tattooed on his back, which he says, he’d always wanted to have in order to fly away from his miserable childhood. An old sailor tells some stories about the, now withered, tattoo’s he received at sea. A Muslim banker explains and shows her secret tattoo, which is against her religion, a tormented man has covered a sign he used to have of Lucifer with hands in prayer, and a married couple explain why they decided to tattoo their wedding bands. The film attempts to get beneath the skin of the people who bear these marks.