London Film School

Founded in 1956, The London Film School is one of the world's longest established graduate filmmaking schools. It is constituted as an international conservatoire with 70% of its MA Filmmaking students coming from outside the UK. The School produces 160 films a year, including work for the five teaching exercises on the MA Filmmaking. The School also offers an MA degree in Screenwriting, an MA degree in International Film Business and a PhD programme with the University of Exeter, and around 50 Continuous Professional Development courses each year as ‘LFS Workshops’. The school is the most active in Europe with post-graduation teaching partnerships, including The Low Budget Film Forum,Making Waves and launching in 2013 Serial Eyes, a 9 month teaching programme for TV writers in Berlin and London. LFS graduates (Associates) are established in film and television production in more than eighty countries. Associatesinclude world-renowned filmmakers Mike Leigh, Michael Mann, Tak Fujimoto, Roger Pratt, Ueli Steiger, Iain Smith, Duncan Jones, Horace Ove, Ho Yim, Danny Huston, Franc Roddam, Brad Anderson, Ann Hui, Marius Holst, Oliver Hermanus and Bill Douglas, as well as the film historian David Thomson and the playwright Arnold Wesker. LFS is one of three Creative Skillset Film Academies, postgraduate institutions approved by the UK film industry as centres of excellence.