Phobidilia (Feature)

Director: Doron Paz & Yoav Paz
Englisht title:  Phobidilia
Original title: Phobidilia
2009/ Israel/ 87’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Doron Paz; Photography:  Nitai Netzer;  Editing: Simon Herman, Rotem Shamir;   Music:  Ran Jurgenson, Uri Ophir; Sound: Tamir Atali;   Leading actors:  Ofer Shechter, Efrat Boimold, Shlomo Bar-Shavit, Efrat Dor; Producer:  Shai Eines, Shay Ines


After suffering an emotional breakdown in a public place, a young man vows never to leave his apartment. He quickly discovers that in today's world all his needs can be easily met: sex via the Internet, food by telephone delivery and entertainment by television. Four years later, his idyllic existence comes under attack when Daniela, a free spirited girl comes into his life while Grumps, the building's real estate agent, informs him that the apartment is about to be sold. Our hero refuses to leave his kingdom and decides to fight till the bitter end.

The Paz Brothers are Film, TV, commercials and video clips directors. Yoav and Doron are 3rd generation film and theatre directors, but they also belong to a new generation of Israeli filmmakers recognized by the contemporary urban visual edge of their work. After graduating from the Tel Aviv University film school they worked for several years on various music, videos commercials and TV promos. During the last few years, the brothers worked as writers and directors on several TV shows, as well as on directing the local version of “ Grumpy Old Men”. In 2009 finished their first feature film “ Phobidilia”.