Special Screening 2015
Cash Only
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Crime, Drama, Thriller | USA | 2015 | 91’


A derelict Landlord tries desperately to repay stolen cash to a dog-fighting sociopath who has abducted his daughter.

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Roland SEJKO

Documentary | Albania | 2015 | 60’


On September 21, 2014 Pope Francis chose Albania for his first European visit to “a country that has long suffered the ideologies of the past”. His voyage from Rome to Tirana lasted 50 years. The Awaiting makes use of historical footage juxtaposed to present day shootings,

to tell a unique page of history of one of the only atheist country in the world through the narration of two protagonists: a Franciscan priest (who spent most of his life in prison) and a Cathedral (that became a sports palace).


The Dove Flyer - Farewell Baghdad
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Nissim DAYAN

Drama | Israel | 2013 | 105’


The coming-of-age tale of 16 year-old Kabi in 1950’s Baghdad. Transformed from a studious lad he becomes one of the central activists in the Zionist underground, thus enabling the immigration of the Jews of Iraq to Israel. The story of Iraqi Jews who have been forced to leave Iraq never been told in the cinema. At that time most of the Jews didn’t want to leave their homeland, aſter thousands of years. The Zionist underground failed to convince them to leave to Israel. Intellectual Jews preferred to join the communist underground; to this confusion enters Kabi, our young hero. He had to deal also with his neighbor –Abu Edwar, who leads the majority against the idea of any underground what so ever. At the end the harsh events changes the whole situation.



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