Feature (official selection - TIFF 2011)
A trip

Director: Nejc Gazvoda

Title in English: A trip
Original title: Izlet

2011/ Slovenia/ HDV/ 85’/ Feature/ Colour

Script: Nejc Gazvoda; Photography: Marko Brdar; Editing: Nejc Gazvoda, Janez Lapajne; Music: New Wave Syria; Sound: Julij Zornik; Leading actors: Nina Rokovec, Jure Henghan, Luka Cimpric; Producer: Aleś Pavlin

Three best friends go on a trip to the seaside, just like they did in high school, but they are not kids anymore. Gregor is a soldier who is being sent on a mission to Afghanistan. Živa is going to study abroad. Andrej is their gay friend who hates everything, himself included. When they arrive, they get drunk. One by one, secrets are revealed. Their friendship is put to the test.

Marathon Boy

Director:  Gemma Atwal

Title in English:  Marathon Boy
Original title:  Marathon Boy

2010/ India/ HD/ 98’ /  Documentary/ Colour

Script:  Gemma Atwal; Photography:  Matt Norman; Editing:  Peter Haddon; Animation:  Ben Foley; Music:  Garry Hughes; Leading actors:  Budhia Singh & Biranchi Das; Producer:  Matt Norman

A coach and a slum boy united by a dream. Divided by the world. MARATHON BOY is the story of a four-year-old boy who is plucked from the slums of India by his coach and trained to become India's greatest runner, but what starts as a real Slumdog Millionaire turns into the stuff of film noir: a tale of greed, envy and broken dreams.

Mindfulness And Murder

Director: Tom Waller

Title in English:  Mindfulness And Murder
Original title: Sop-Mai-Ngiab

2010/ Thailand/ HD/ Fiction/ 90’/ Colour

Script:  Nick Wilgus; Photography:  Wade Muller; Editing:  Sawit Prasertphan;
Music: Olivier Lliboutry ; Sound:  Richard Hocks; Leading actors: Vithaya Pansringarm, Way Prinya, Charina Sirisinha; Producer:  Michael Pritchett

When a boy is murdered in the grounds of a Buddhist monastery in Bangkok, the police do little to solve the crime, leaving Father Ananda - a former homicide detective - to investigate the murder. With the help of his temple boy Jak, Ananda travels the canals of the city to unravel the clues and catch the killer.

The Artifice

Director:  Jose Enrique March

Title in English:  The Artifice
Original title:  El Artificio

2011/ Spain/ HD/ 88’/ Feature/ Colour

Script:  Pablo Peris; Photography:  Paco Belda; Editing:  Manuel Calvo; Music:  Various Artist; Sound:  Jose Serrador; Leading actors:  Enrique Belloch, Maria Jose Peris, Paco Martinez Novell, Iñaki Miramon, Jose Galotto, Cesar Tormo; Producer:  Jose Enrique March

What if a filmmaker's mind begins to lose?
What if he does not distinguish between reality and fiction?
All mirrors always have two sides.

The Vanishing

Director:  Adam Uryniak

Title in English:  The Vanishing
Original title:  Zniknięcie

2011/ Poland/ HD/ 71’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Paweł Labe; Photography:  Adam Uryniak; Music: Piotr Skorupski;
Sound:  Krzysztof Nowak; Leading actors:  Michał Chołka, Katarzyna Zawiślak-Dolny, Przemysław Chojęta, Kornelia Trawkowska; Producer:  Adam Uryniak

Calm and safe world of Michal Kunicki collapsed with disappearance of his wife and son. Solving the mystery of their vanishing becomes obsession that completely ruins his life.

Hot Hot Hot

Director:  Beryl Koltz

Title in English:  Hot Hot Hot
Original title:  Hot Hot Hot

2010/  Luxembourg/ 93’/ Fiction/ Colour


Script:  Beryl Koltz; Photography: Jako Raybaut;  Editing:  Amine Jaber; Music: André Dziezuk; Sound: Taher Pishvaei; Leading actors: Rob Stanley, Joanna Scanlan, Gary Cady, Amber Doyle, Angela Bain, Wendy Kweh, Jane Goddard, Bentley Kalu, Leila Anaïs Schaus; Producer: Claude Waringo


Ferdinand is a long-standing employee at Fish Land, the aquatic centre within the globalised leisure complex "Worlds Apart". He's a small, bald forty year-old, and a solitary, anxious introvert, entirely devoted to his passion for fish. But Ferdinand's obsessive little existence is turned upside down the day Fish Land closes down for six months of renovation. He is transferred to another section of "Worlds Apart", the Finnish-Turkish Delight spa, entirely geared towards the pleasure of saunas and steam rooms. Ferdinand is suddenly thrown into a world of nudity, sensuality, relaxation and letting go... In short, everything he could possibly be afraid of! HOT HOT HOT is the belated journey of initiation of an inhibited little man, who slowly but surely learns to open up to the pleasures of life. It paints a colourful yet sensitive picture of a world caught between artificiality and authenticity, between norm and peculiarity. It is a film on the body, on nudity and love, and on accepting one's difference.

Maternity Blues

Director:  Fabrizio Cattani

Title in English: Maternity Blues
Original title:   Maternity Blues

2011/  Italy/ Red/ 93’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Fabrizio Cattani, Grazia Verasani; Photography:  Francesco Carini; Editing:  Paola Freddi; Music:  Paolo Vivaldi; Sound:  Francesco Liotard; Leading Actors:  Andrea Osvart, Monica Birladeanu, Chiara Martegiani, Marina Pennafina, Daniele Pecci; Producer:  Elisabetta Olmi

Four different women, but bound by a common guilt: the infanticide. Inside a judicial psychiatric hospital, they spend their time expiating a sentence which is mainly inner: the sense of guilt for a gesture what has made useless their existence. From the confessions, born a comfort that doesn’t completely succeed to alleviate the suffering, but that makes appear these women, like innocent guilty.

Punk's Not Dead

Director:  Vladimir Blazevski

Title in English:  Punk's Not Dead
Original title:  Pankot ne e mrtov

2011/ Macedonia/ 16mm super/104’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Vladimir Blazevski; Photography:  Dimo Popov; Editing:  Blago ja Nedelkovski; Music:  Aleksandar Pejovski; Sound:  Atanas Georgiev; Leading actors:  Jordan Simonov, Kamka Tocinovski, Toni Mihajlovski, Xhevdet Jashari, Kiril Pop Hristov, Ratka Radmanovic, Vladimir Tuliev;
Producer:  Darko Popov

Protagonists of this black-comedy are punks who deliberately remained at the margins in muddy times of Macedonian transition. The routine of their outsider’s survival is disturbed by an offer to make a reunion of their one-time cult punk band and play at some bizarre “multi-cultural-happening”, which is to prove the false image of Macedonia as a land with relaxed ethnic tensions. This is the first Macedonian film treating the problem of increasing serious nationalism in the country.

The Qandil Mountains

Director: Taha Karimi

Title in English:  The Qandil Mountains
Original title:  Kwystani Qandil

2010/ Iraq/ HD/ 86’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Taha Karimi; Photography: Kaywan Yousefi; Editing:  Mohammad Reza Vatandoost; Music: Fardin Khalatbari; Sound: Taher Pishvaei; Leading actors:  Dr. Ghotbedin Sadeghi Jomerd Qareman Awnadin Mariwani; Producer:  Kurdistan Rogional Government (Krg)

The borders of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq meet at a region called the Qandil Mountains. It’s been years that the soldiers of these three countries have been fighting the Kurdish peshmergas (Kurdish life-staker combatants) in the Qandil Mountains. The soldiers all say they must be aggressive. The Kurdish peshmergas say they have no way other than to be aggressive. So far, over ten thousand people have been killed and about a thousand more have gone missing in these mountains.


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