Experimental (official selection - TIFF 2011)
724 14th St

Director:  Ching Yi Tseng

Title in English:  724 14th St
Original title: 724 14th St

2010/ Taiwan/ super 8mm / 10’/ Experimental / Colour

Photography: Ching Yi Tseng; Editing: Ching Yi Tseng; Producer: Ching Yi Tseng

This film is about a specific location and a specific kind of light and life.

Rafael, Remember Your Life

Director:  Simeon Frohm

Title in English:  Rafael, Remember Your Life
Original title: Rafael, Remember Your Life

2011/ Sweden&Croatia/ HD/ 14’23’’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Filippe Gilló; Photography:  Simeon Frohm; Editing:  Simeon Frohm;
Animation: Simeon Frohm; Music:  Helios, Andreas Runeson, Kristoffer Byström;
Sound:  Simeon Frohm, Johan Eckeborn; Leading actors:  Antoni Zabok, Gabriel Löfgren Lobo, Neo Slater, Arne Nordh, Emina Rostaan, Lisa Läckgren, Sixten Stensjö, Dominik Trakjovich, Ivo Mihajlovic, Dina Peckinpah; Producer:  Michel Östlund

RAFAEL,memento vitae depicts some aspects of life’s phases through Rafael’s eyes. Hence the title. The story is enacted in the borderlands between fiction and documentary. The contrast between hard and meaningless, and attractive and warming scenes may awake personal memories. Is it well-reasoned decisions or those low-key conversations that cause us to pause and consider? What forms our choices in life? Is it the chance meeting,events or everyday life itself? Nothing is self-evident. Like life.

The dance of the quail. First movement

Director:  Chus Dominguez & Elena Cordoba

Title in English: The dance of the quail. First movement
Original title: La danza de la codorniz. Primer movimiento

2011 / Spain / DVcpro / 7’/ Experimental / Colour

Script: Chus Dominguez, Elena Cordoba; Photography: Chus Dominguez; Editing: Chus Dominguez; Sound: Chus Dominguez; Leading actors: Elena Cordoba;
Producer: Jesus M. Dominguez

In the film by Jean Luc Godard’s “Vivre sa vie” Elena Córdoba, choreographer and dancer, heard a small dialog that talked about the nature of chickens and soul. From that text arose the idea of reviving the body of a quail ready to be cooked, and, following Godard, finding in it the soul of the dancer posthumously.


Director:  Nina Kurtela

Title in English:  Transformance
Original title: Transformance

2010/ Croatia/ HD/ 10’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script: Nina Kurtela; Photography: Nina Kurtela; Editing: Nina Kurtela; Animation: Nina Kurtela; Leading actors: Nina Kurtela; Producer:  Nina Kurtela

Transformance is a video-event-work that activates and documents a five-month durational performance. Over this period of time, Nina Kurtela establishes a daily practice of visiting and witnessing the changes at the building site of the Uferstudios, Wedding, Berlin - the warehouse for the repair of public trams and buses becomes a dance institution. She is spectator to the making of an institution, an art institution, the making of the theatre stage.


Director:  Carlo Cagnasso

Title in English:  Fratres
Original title: Fratres

2011/ Italy/ MiniDv/ 5’/ Experimental/ B&W

Script: Carlo Cagnasso;   Photography: Carlo Cagnasso; Editing: Carlo Cagnasso;
Music:  Arvo Part; Leading actors:  Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio; Producer: Carlo Cagnasso

Two twins fight against the chaos of the images.


Director: Tuomas A. Laitinen

Title in English: Rising
Original title: Rising

2010/ Finland/ HD/ 16’53’’/ Experimental/ Colour

Editing: Tuomas Laitinen; Music: Jimi Tenor, Tuomas Laitinen; Sound: A. Laitinen;
Leading actors: Mikko Salonen, Kea Nuorivaara, Lauri Paivanen; Producer: Johanna Wartio- McEvoy

Rising is a dreamlike work about the future, remembering and energy production. The story is centered around a power station built in the early 20th century.

The Homogenics

Director:  Gerard Freixes Ribera

Title in English:  The Homogenics
Original title: The Homogenics

2010/ Spain/ MiniDv/ 4’/ Experimental/ B&W

Script: Gerard Freixes Ribera; Photography:  Archive Footage; Editing:  Gerard Freixes Ribera; Animation:  Gerard Freixes Ribera; Music:  Earle Hagen; Leading actors:  Dick Van Dyke; Producer:  Gerard Freixes Ribera

The same people living in the same houses. Uniformisation turns everything into stereotypes. The Homogenics family sitcom is an extreme example of that.

Western Movie

Director:  Lee Hyung-suk

Title in English:  Western Movie
Original title:  Seo-bu-yeong-hwa

2010/ South Korea/ 35mm/ 9’/ Experimental/ Colour-B&W

Script:  Lee Hyung-suk; Photography:  Lee Sang-gil; Editing:  Lee Hyung-suk; Animation:  Shin Hyun-suk; Music:  Lee Eun-suk, Sung Hwan; Sound:  Park Hee-chan; Leading actors:  Sheriff : Ko Kwan-jae; Producer:  Kim Tai-yong

A sheriff crosses a desolate field on horseback and enters a village devastated by Native Americans. There are some eyes fixed on the sheriff in the town.

Paper Memories

Director: Theo Putzu

Title in English: Paper Memories
Original title: Paper Memories

2010/ Spain/ HD/ 7’25’’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script: Theo Putzu; Photography: Theo Putzu; Editing: Theo Putzu; Animation: Theo Putzu; Music: Miguel Marin;  Sound: Martin Ortega Granella; Leading actors: Josep Vilavert Manya, Elena España; Producer: Theo Putzu;

An Old man search for happiness in old photos…. two worlds divided by the inability to dream...

The Chair

Director:  Joonas Makkonen

Title in English:  The Chair
Original title: The Chair

2011/ Finland/ HD/ 3’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Joonas Makkonen; Photography:  Tero Saikkonen; Editing:  Joonas Makkonen; Music:  Jussi Huhtala; Sound:  Ismo Mustonen; Leading actors:  Raimo Hytti, Olli Saarenpää, Janne Anttila; Producer:  Joonas Makkonen, Toni Vuomajoki


An old chair is sharing his experiences in a studio interview. This short film is made within 48 hours, for a competition called "PlayOFF 2011". The film got 2nd prize in the competition.

To Anne Marie

Director: Petra Lindholm

Title in English: To Anne Marie
Original title: To Anne Marie

2010/ Finland/ HD/ 10’50’’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script: Petra Lindholm; Music: Petra Lindholm; Producer: Petra Lindholm


Anne Marie, the aunt of Lindholm’s grandfather, was engaged to a Russian man called Mr. Obolenski. Due to a civil war in Finland, Mr. Obolenski had to escape from the country. Left behind, Anne Marie never heard back from him again. Anne Marie’s life story is told with atmospheric images, displaying subtle nuances of colours, and music made by the author.

Where Is The Exit? Probably Sisyphus Knows

Director:  Maja Kirovska

Title in English:  Where Is The Exit? Probably Sisyphus Knows
Original title: Where Is The Exit? Probably Sisyphus Knows

2011/  Macedonia/ DV/ 3’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Maja Kirovska; Photography: Maja Kirovska; Editing: Maja Kirovska; Music: Maja Kirovska; Sound: Maja Kirovska; Producer: Maja Kirovska

It is a metaphor for us, modern Sisyphuses, preoccupied with our everyday repeatable actions, that by repeating, almost get unconscious character. It represents the “blessing” of unawareness and the unbearable heaviness of the moment of getting conscious of our position in the global movement of the things. The video shows a big number of ants that repeatedly are trying to climb up to the top, and at every attempt they slide to the bottom, not changing the starting position.


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