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Mirjeta Baraliu
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Mirjeta Baraliu eshte gazetare dhe kritike filmi me pervoje 10 vjecare ne media dhe TV produksion. Eshte autore dhe prezentuese e emisionit per kinematografine TELEKINO ne RTK- Radio Televizionin e Kosoves, emision ky qe percielle ngjarjet me prestigjioze te filmit ne vend dhe ne bote si: Festivalin e Filmit te Cannes-France, Festivalin e Filmit te Berlinit-Berlinale, Festivalin e Filmit te Sarajeves , Festivalin e Filmit te Florides etj. Mbulon dhe komenton drejteperdrejte the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe, Emmy Awards dhe British Academy Awards (BAFTA) .Mirjeta ka  realizuar  intervista ekskluzive me personalitet te botes kinematografike, aktore, regjisore e producent te listes A te Hollywoodit nder to edhe : John Malcovich, Michael Moore, Javier Bardem, Coolio, Anthony Minghela, Vim Wenders, Jean Pierre dhe Luc Dardenne , Gedeon Burckhard, Claudia Cardinale, Rade Serbetzia,  Fatih Akin, Terry George, Jeremy Irons, Elijah Wood, James Biberi, Stan Dragoti, Miki Manojlovic, Vannesa Redgrave, Kenan Imirzalioglu,  Alyssia Milano, Franco Nero , Elijah Wood, Alexander Payne, Fran Dreschner, Robert De Niro, Jackie Chan etc. Ka mbaruar studimet e magjistratures per media dhe komunikim ne KIJAC ( Kosovo School of Journalism and Communication) gjithashtu ka te perfunduar fakultetin Ekonomik dega Banka, Financa e Kontabilitet.

Mira Tuci
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Mira Tuci. Born 18 February in Rreshen,  Albania. From the early age she was interested in writing and she frequented different courses of fine arts but she was more into literature.  After studying Journalism at the Tirana University she is known to be one of the most qualified journalist of art and culture in Albania. She started to write for the daily newspaper “KohaJone” and then for known televisions like TVA and Alsat (Albanian Satellite Television) always as a journalist of culture. She became a senior journalist producing for more than 4 years the TV Program “Almanak” as an interviewer and moderator with many famous artists from Albania (the famous writer Ismail Kadare) and abroad, actors like Michele Placido and James Beluscior directors like Giuseppe Tornatore, Kean Loach, Paolo Sorrentino.  With a strong experience in television programs dedicated to culture and great personalities of artists she graduated in master studies in European Studies at IRERIE France. Different experience in training course of Journalism in Italy like PR at the( PresidenzaRegionaled' Umbria ) in Perugia. 10 years  producing stories, reportage and interviews from theater to literature and from music to cinema for Albanian culture now she works for Digitalb- TOP Media as Editor in Chief of “ArTi” a TV program that hosts prominent personalities of arts and not only Albanian ones but even stars such Duff McKagan or Italian writters.

Alfred Lela
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Alfred Lela has a bachelor degree on 1996 -2000 in the University of Tirana From 2001 -2002 he frequented the  University of Massachusetts-Boston for Political Science In-1998-2000.  He works as political reporter and has an assignment editor for the district reporters in the  Albanian daily “Shekulli. In 2002 -2004 works for Herb Chambers Auto Group as a Sales and Leasing Consultant. In 2004 -2006  he became the Internet Sales Director of   Herb Chambers Auto Group.  From 2008 till 2009  works as screenwriter at    TV 'Vizion Plus' at the programme 'Bypass Show”. In 2010-2011  he was the deputy editor in chief of   MAPO daily newspaper . In 2011 he became the editor in chief of MAPO Magazine. He was the founder of the e-magazine “Fletore Shqiptare”.
From 2000 till present he Op-Ed for the following Albanian newspapers: “Shekulli”, Illyria”, “Korrieri”. In 2006 he was the co-founder and Advisory Board  member of Maas-Besa a not-for-profit Albanian-American Foundation. He translates various books from English to Albanian.


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