TIFF 2009 - Special Programme
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Regia: Salvatore Maira
Anno di produzione: 2007
Durata: 90'
Tipologia: lungometraggio
Genere: drammatico
Paese: Italia
Produzione: Home Production srl
Formato di proiezione: 35mm, colore
Ufficio Stampa: Morgana s.r.l. / Patrizia Cafiero & Partners
Vendite Estere: Scalpel
Titolo originale: Valzer
Altri titoli: The Waltz - Valse - Vals

Sinopsis: Follows two people whose lives indelibly change. In the service quarters at the lower floors of a great hotel, a young maid and a man meet in a situation which breaks all certainties and identities. This is the story of Assunta, of Lucia and of her father--a father who believes he will meet his daughter after twenty years of absence and finds instead an unknown woman who has taken her identity. Simultaneously, at the higher floors, the great managers of football mirror themselves in the cynicism and greed of their actions while they try to understand and stem the storm unleashed by the scandal in which they are part of. The two stories which flow side by side, will suddenly meet in a dramatic short circuit. 

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