Laurent Rouy
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Laurent Rouy is a French author and journalist, based in Belgrade, Serbia, since 2002. He is the director of production company Trans Euro Media, and correspondent for French global media Radio France Internationale and France 24 TV, as well as for Radio Television Suisse. Early 2015, Laurent Rouy met author and actor Arnaud Humbert. Together, they worked on the script of “At The Border”, that became Laurent’s first short fiction (48 festivals, 10 awards).

Hila Chessen
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Born in Israel in 1987. Graduate of the art at the Jerusalem Studio School (2008-2012). Studies Film at the Tel Aviv University (from 2014).

International film festival coordinator at Go2Films since 2015.

Hila have Participated in various productions of student films and was the Manager of the Israeli competition at the Tel Aviv International student film festival 2017.

Ergys Meta
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Born in Shkodër in 1985. In the age of 15th he took his first piano lessons. In the transitional period on his birth town, Ergys started to compose for the local artists. At the age of 18th he builds his firs left handed guitar and went to Italy. In Bologna he continued the studies per Cinematography Critic at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Lettere e Filosofia corso DAMS cinema mediologico, in the same time continued his passion for guitar as autodidact. During the years of University he became acquainted with all the world cinema history, there he decided to develop his style as a film maker. In 2007 was finally returned to Tirana, where besides the commitments for music he started the University of Arts, as the only chance to become a director in Albanian Cinematography.

In Bologna on 2003 independently tried to direct his first short film (Ciak Movie) where he will introduce all his cinematic influences. This was his first noir experiment. In the same year, he came back his birth town to direct on the villages the documentary regarding to cannabis of the north of Albania (Green Traffic). Ergys during the Academy years had had

a recognition and appreciation from the cinematic world in Tirana, where immediately after finishing the academy won three projects at the Albanian National Center of Cinematography:  The Dog Killers, Me Duar në Xhepa and One of Us, which is his first Featuring movie. During his creativity he won three cinematic awards, the last one was in TIFF 2016.


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