Mikaela Minga

Mikaela Minga is an ethno/musicologist and research scholar  in the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Studies in Tirana.  She also teaches courses on films music, jazz and popular music at the University of Arts. Her main research areas include 20the century musics, with a particular attention towards urban musical practices in Albania and the Mediterranean, film music and multimedia. She has published several books and articles.


Elis MATAJ is a Film Production Expert and Stage Manager, born in Vlora on 07.07.1983

Elis has a consolidated experience in the field of TV production and stage management. In 2007 he was engaged in the position of Show Manager at KLAN TV Station (national tv station in Albania), while during 2006-2007 he served as a Show Manager and Director Assistant at Vision Plus (national tv station in Albania); During the time period 2002-2007 Elis served as the Director of the radio station "House of Arts" in Tirana.

Currently Elis is engaged as a Lecturer at the University of Arts on the subject "Film and Television production management".



Brenton KOTORRI is a political trainer on account of the two German political foundations in Albania, FES and KAS. He is also a columnist for and other journals. Since January 2015 he has founded and lead APPA Think Tank, the young professional team that monitors and evaluates the Public Policies of the Albanian government. Translator of seven books in their Albanian Editions. In 2012 he was a contributor in the World Forum for Democracy and a year later in the UNESCO forum on Human Rights. He is specialized in political ideology and communication strategy. The US political system is also his field of study and expertise. He holds a BA and a MSc in International Relations.


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