The Centro de Capacitación Cnematográfica was founded in 1975 with the objective to up bring professional filmmakers with an artistic and technical proficiency. It is a school where its academic affairs, production works and cultural extension simultaneously converge. From its beginning, The Center was fashioned as a filmmaking school where –in the entire sense of the word-, would work under the premise of merging image into movement, and engage all the other artistic expressions and manifestations. The CCC also holds an important archive of bibliographic and film material, which includes historical to newly fresh work that is constantly participating in national and international festivals and encounters.

The CCC is a member of the CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Televisión), and of the Asociación Internacional de Escuelas de Cine y Televisión.; it has impelled and interacted in multiple joint projects with other filmmaking schools in Mexico and other parts of the World. Re known as an avant-garde filmmaking teaching center, the CCC has been acknowledged with the academic excellency award at the Cinema Schools Festival of Tel Aviv in Israel in 2005, and in 2006, with the Ariel de Oro, for its 30 years of academic achievements and contributions to the national filmmaking labor. The CCC has shed more than 30 generations, from which many of its members have obtained altogether, more that a hundred national and international awards. For instance, two of them received the Students Oscar: Javier Bourges, with the title. El último fin de año, and Rodrigo Plá with El ojo en la nuca. Also, two Palme d’Or dedicated to Mexico, one in 1994 given to Carlos Carrera for his short El héroe, and the other, in 2006, by Elisa Miller, the first Mexican female to win a Palme d’ Or, with the short Ver llover.

On the other hand, every two years the Center organizes the Festival Internacional de Escuelas de Cine –the international festival of filmmaking schools-, and the Encuentro Internacional de Documental -the international documentary encounter- , which enable a close interaction with groups of filmmakers with a worldwide recognition.

In 2009, Marco Antonio Hernández, member of the Postproduction team of the CCC was awarded an Ariel for best sound in the Desierto Adentro movie, directed by Rodrigo Plá, also a former student of the CCC. Yulene Olaizola won an Ariel for best Opera Prima (as first time director) with the documentary Intimidades de Sakespeare y Victor Hugo. To Isabel Muñoz Cota, an Ariel for best short documental titled Su mercé, among many others in the bearing of the CCC history.

Our alumnae are sound filmmakers, and our school has a solid prestige and recognition; they are fundamental pieces in the task of the Mexican film-making. The CCC is also greatly rewarded with the professional level of an active teaching team and acknowledged filmmakers such as: Francisco Athié, Sigfrido Barjau, Carlos Bolado, Christiane Burkhard, Simón Bross, Carlos Carrera, Felipe Cazals, Nicolás Echeverría, Luis Estrada, Jorge Fons, José Luis García Agraz, Guillermo Granillo, Henner Hofmann, Alfredo Joskowicz, Toni Khun, Beatriz Novaro, María Novaro, Ignacio Ortiz, Marina Stavenhagen.

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Fiction | México | 2014 | 18’


Elba is an introverted and lonely fourteen-year-old teenager. She lives with Fernanda, her older sister who she has a conflictive relationship with, and her mother, who is absent most of the time. Fernanda decides to runaway from home.

Oak Leaves
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Paulina ROSAS

Fiction | México | 2015 | 30’


Hanna’s german father passed away recently and she discovers many letters coming from Berlin. Determinated to discover who is the sender, Hanna takes a journey to Germany through which she discovers who are the residents of that house and how related are with her.

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Fiction | México | 2014 | 14’


Lucy, a teenager who loves spending time on her grandmother’s house, discovers a family secret that will demand of her to grow up abruptly.

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Fiction | México | 2015 | 13’


Mariana has an obsessive cleaning habit. Aſter starting a troubled relationship with Enrique she must accept that sex is dirty and impulsive.

400 bags
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Fernanda VALADEZ

Fiction | México | 2014 | 22’


Magdalena makes a journey to find her missing son, who disappeared on his way to the border with the United States. Accompanied only by her will and her memories, Magdalena enters a violent and desolated territory, the migration route in Mexico.


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