Feature (official selection - TIFF 2015)
Across the sea



Drama | Switzerland, Albania | 2015 | 106’


A former war photographer tries to ward off his personal ghosts by taking pictures of trees only. He lives alone among olive trees in southern Italy. One day he decides to cross the sea by ferry. Once in Albania, he goes near the location where he had made his last war picture, as if he was retracing his steps. He finds a tree he wants to photograph. He is just about to do so, when he discovers a runaway girl hiding in it. Her lover was killed by her brothers.

So she ran away with the sole objective of crossing the sea and getting to the other side. The man has no choice. He has to flee with her, follow her, guide her along, and follow her again. Until the day he tells her what is tormenting him, and a storm separates them. All he has left of her is a fleeting impression of an image.




Drama | Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, France | 2015 | 103’


“Babai” explores the story of Nori (Val Maloku) and his father Gezim (AstritKabashi) both street cigarette vendor in Kosovo of nineties, during Milosevic regime, where the father wants to find a way to illegally migrate to Germany and his son does everything he can so he could be with his father. Caught between the wish to live together and the need to deal with the harsh reality, the father-son relationship comes to a point where nothing between them is as it used to be.

Index Zero



Sci-Fi | UK, Italy | 2014 | 82’



2035, United States of Europe. Some humans are not sustainable anymore.








Drama | Chile | 2014 | 73’



About to turn 30 years working in the barber shop he inherited from his parents, Raúl starts to change his daily routine, in order to have something new to tell to his customers.

He tries to get closer to his neighbors, visits a bar near his home, and spends some time in the neighborhood square, where he meets a lady with whom he establishes a strange relationship. Eventually, he realizes that he is much closer to the solution of his problems than he could have imagined.

Sworn virgin



Drama | Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Albania, Kosovo, France | 2015 | 87’


Hana Doda, still a girl, escapes from her destiny of being a wife and a servant, a future imposed on women in the harsh mountains of Albania. Following his uncle’s guide, she appeals to the old law of the Kanun, which gives women, taking an oath of eternal virginity, the chance to embrace a rifle and live free as men. For everybody Hana becomes Mark, a “sworn virgin”. But something alive pulses and frets under these new clothes. Her choice becomes her prison and those immense mountains seem so narrow now.

Amsterdam Express


Fatmir KOÇI

Drama, Romance | UK, Albania, Netherlands, Germany | 2014 | 93’


A young Albanian emigrant in Amsterdam is precariously caught among the promises and allure of the rich city, the threats of ruthless Albanian drug and sex slave traffickers, his white marriage with a beautiful Dutch girl, and a true love in his poor and backward country. BEKIM, wants to make fast money by doing everything. Instead, he returns bare handed in his country after has paid his last Euros to save a young girl being taken as a sex girl at the Red Windows.







Drama, Romance | UK, Albania, Netherlands, Germany | 2014 | 93’


Ivo is an agronomist; pushed by the lack of opportunity in Bari, he accepts a job offer in Banat, a fertile region of Romania. Clara works at renovating boats in the Bari harbor, and is at the end of a long and difficult relationship. Ivo and Clara meet at the apartment he’s leaving and which she’s renting. They instinctively connect, being both at a turning point of their lives. The night they spend together before Ivo’s departure is enough to spark a strong feeling and the desire to meet again. When Clara is fired from her job, she decides to visit Ivo in Romania. Their love is budding on the background of disorientation in this foreign land and the uncertainty of their future. But is this exile their only way to happiness?




Comedy, Drama | Spain, UK | 2015 | 99’


Unable to fly the nest due to the economic crisis that grips Spain, a penniless, young couple have trouble consummating their fledgling relationship in their parents’ homes.

She Comes Back On Thursday



Documentary | Brasil | 2014 | 108’


With its obvious simplicity, the film’s title happens to set the mood of the film, or at least its guiding principle: staying anchored in everyday life. More precisely, the life of Maria José and Norberto, who have been married for 35 years and who live in Contagem, in the suburbs of Belo Horizonte. Their marriage is on the rocks, which leads their two sons to also wonder about the future of their own relationships with their wives. The story is quite ordinary. How can one capture such an impercep- tible shift in the heart of the banality of things, only made more noticeable by a crisis? Filming his own family, his own parents, his brother and himself, André Novais Oliveira has chosen to take his time. He shots long sequences, leaving enough time for the fictional situations on which he puts his characters to grow and unfold.




Drama | Greece, France, Belgium | 2014 | 134’


After the death of their mother, Dany, 16, leaves Crete to join his older brother, Odysseas, who lives in Athens. Born from an Albanian mother and a Greek father they never met, the two brothers, strangers in their own country, decide to go to Thessaloniki to look for their father and force him to officially recognize them. At the same time in Thessaloniki, is held the selection for the cult show, “Greek Star.” Dany dreams that his brother Odysseas, a gifted singer, could become the new star of the contest, in a country that refuses to accept them.



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