Magma – mostra di cinema breve is an international short film festival which takes place in Acireale, a beautiful baroque town situated in the Eastern part of Sicily (Italy). Magma was first started in 2002 by Associazione Culturale Scarti, a cultural association created by a group of young people aiming at producing and promoting short films. Now in its 13th edition, Magma – mostra di cinema breve has so far examined more than 5.000 short films coming from 76 countries of the world, reaching a total attendance of around 14.000 spectators and standing out as one of the best short film festivals in Italy. In addition to the international competition, every year the programme offers special sections devoted to producers or distributors of the short film. In contrast to bigger Italian film festivals, Magma has always focused exclusively on the short film, considering it as a separate art form, as a format allowing for the experimentation of new styles and the creation of new trends, the presentation of works from both first-time amateurs and established filmmakers. The festival offers a chance of visibility for high-value works that are often precluded from the main distribution channels. Its aim is to build a bridge between the audience and the endless forms of expression of the short format, ranging from documentaries to animation, from narratives to the experimental.


Daniele Greco

works on project management and media relations for Magma - International short film Festival, which takes place in Sicily every year since 2002. He is a freelance video-maker and photo-journalist. Born 1980, he has experimented various audiovisual genres and has developed a true passion for the documentary field. He also makes corporate videos and leads Television&Film vocational trainings.

Ballet story

Director: Daria Belova


2011 / Germany / 9’ / Fiction


Another day at the ballet school. Class routine goes as usual, when Sophie notices a boy outdoors, on the street. Surrounded by her frivolously chattering classmates, she realizes that another girl is faster making decisions, and Sophie finds herself caught in a vortex of grief and aggression.

Hviezda (The Star)

Director: Andrej Kolencik


2012 / Slovakia / 19’ / Documentary


The story of Jan Slovak, a 55-year-old welder who fell in love with acting. His desire began when he got the lead role in a theatrical adaptation of the worst movie of all time, “Plan 9 From Outer Space” by Ed Wood Jr. The passion for theatre became his destiny.


Director: Deyan Bararev


2013 / Romania / 4’16’


A woman is having a seemingly banal walk at night whilst gossiping on the phone.

Choir Tour

Edmunds Jansons


2012 / Latvia / 5’ / Animation


A world-famous boys´ choir goes on a tour. In the hands of their severe conductor they are an obedient musical instrument. But left alone without supervision, they are just playful children.

Bead over heels

Director: Timothy Reckart


2012 / UK / 10’/ Animation


A husband and wife have drifted apart over the years. He lives on the floor, she lives on the ceiling, and their marriage hangs in the balance.

Someone Might Drop a Cigarette

Director: Josip Viskovic


2012 / Croatia / 13’’ / Fiction


Jasna and Darko are expecting a child. They live with Darko´s father, who is an alcoholic.


Director: Ina Georgieva


2013 / Bulgaria / 4’ / Animation


A new man is born in the habitat. Kicked out by the others, he follows a new direction. How far will he go?


Director: Carolin Färber


2013 / Germany / 18’/ Fiction


Ben suffers from massive anxieties and an obsessive-compulsive disorder which he can´t stand any longer. Ben´s most burning desire is to be normal again. When he is invited for a job interview, he decides to risk it all and to face his fears for one – long – day.

Tin & Tina

Director: Rubin Stein


2013 / Spain / 12’ / Fiction


Tin and Tina are not eating the purée tonight.


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