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Rezar Xhaxhiu
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Education : 1986 -1987 Public Diplomacy – post University studies at the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affaires ;  1981 – 1985 Albanian Literature and Linguistic at the University of Tirana; Working experience: 2012 – Up to now; Journalist ( Editor in chief ) of “Nate me Xhaxhiun”  at TV NEWS 24; 2005 – 2011: Journalist ( Editor in chief) of “ZIP” at “ Vision +” TV; 1998  - 2004, Head of Information Department at TV “ARBERIA”; 1997 - 1998, Redactor in chief of the Cultural Newspaper “AKS”; 1995 - 2001, Specialist of Marketing Department at National Commercial Bank of Albania; 1994 -1997 Head of Political Unit at “GAZETA SHQIPTARE”; 1992 – 1994 Journalist at News Department at RADIO TIRANA; 1987 -1991- Diplomat at the Albanian Embassy in Bucharest; 1985 1986 – Diplomat at the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affaires;

Jonida Shehu
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Jonida Shehu born 12/6/1982. She is a journalist. Graduated in the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Tirana in 2004. She have 12 -year experience in the electronic media ( tv ). Moderator of TV prime time news of 10 years, the Vision plus , Albanian Screen and Ora News . Simultaneously, author and moderator of various programs for  actuality. Moderator  of  " Zip " program  in Vision Plus . Author and moderator of " Dritehije " in Albanian Screen ( talk show based on social issues ). Author and moderator of the show " Naten Vone " in Ora News . (Talk show for  actuality )

Albert Dumani
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Albert Dumani born on 1979, he works as Journalist and Radio Host in Radio Koha & Radio Shkodra; Journalist and Ancorman at TVA (Television Arberia) in the Department of Information. Translator and moderator of the program "Kosovo - War or Peace";  Judge in the program of the Soros Foundation "Karl Popper Debate" for schools and "Parliamentary debate in Universities". Diploma assessment as the best judge, winner of the first place (October 2001); Journalist, author and Tv Host at TVKLAN (National  Television Klan). Director of Programming, lawyer, journalist, TV Host and author programs at TVKLAN (National Television Klan), and head of Acquisitions for the foreign programs (series, tv movies, features, formats, telenovelas, ect.); Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana.; Head of Aqcuisitions for international TV programs (series, tv movies, features, formats, telenovelas, ect.);Local Tv Host for the Academy Awards show aired LIVE in TVKLAN from LA.


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