Albanian competition jury
Odeta Cunaj
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Odeta Cunaj has born in 1984 in Albania. She finished the study in 2010 for Film Directing at Academy of Arts in Tirana. From the study period she start to work like Script Supervisor, Casting Directoin many films. In 2009 her short film “Signs” was awarded the Best Albanian Short Film at Tirana International Film Festival.

Kamuran Goranci
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Kamuran GORANCI born on 1955 actually is a  Professor:  Painting & Drawing, in the direction of scenography in University of Prishtina. He has a degree on Art Academy  in Beograd branch  Painting; also has a  Masters Degree  and Doctorate on  Painting;

Director of Department of Culture-Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports;

Producent on the feauture-length movie ”ANATEMA” by Agim Sopi;

Producent on the feauture-length movie “Kosova’s Thirst”, Prishtina;

Executive Producent of the feature-length movie”Tri dritare dhe nje varje” by Isa Qosja ( Winner of the Cine Europa Award in Sarajevo Film Festival 2014)

Sonila Demi
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Born in Tirana in 1973, left the country in 1992 to study English Literature at La Sapienza University of Rome.

In 1999 is one of the first to join the team in Fandango (the well-known Italian film production company) and gained a long-standing experience in the film industry, especially in acquisitions, promotion and theatrical distribution of feature films and documentaries.


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