Japan shorts
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Director: Kimihiro Shiida
Englisht title:  Hello
Original title: Hello
2012/ Japan/ 8’16’’


A man sees a UFO in the sky on his way to work. He flees in panic from the sudden occurrence. As the people in the city get excited over the sighting, one man watches the UFO’s arrival with a joyful look.

Empty house
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Director: Kei Chikaura
Englisht title:  Empty house
Original title:  エンプティハウ
2012/ Japan/ 10’42’’

Tatsuya Fuji, an actor who’s carved out his name in the history of Japanese cinema, stars alongside the young Takarazuka born singer Koko Isuzu. Depicting the awkward pains of a father-daughter separation, this gem of a human drama is set in Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture.

Shadow chalk
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Director: Yanlong Li
Englisht title:  Shadow chalk
Original title:  シャドウ チョーク
2012/ Japan/ 08’10’’

An outstanding student who doesn’t even need to study, “L” creates a mysterious dream world to combat his real-life stresses. In this world, anything that is drawn by magic chalk becomes reality. But what on earth will “L” draw...?

A butterfly on her chest
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Director: Yuki Saito
Englisht title:  A butterfly on her chest
Original title:  胸にTATOOなんかいれて
2012/ Japan/ 15’

Her parents’ divorce, her change in lifestyle by moving from Tokyo to the countryside, the parting with her grandmother who was her only source of comfort... To free herself from her confining world, she has a butterfly tattooed on her chest.

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Director: Hiroshi Okuda
Englisht title:  Goldfish
Original title:  キンギョ
2012/ Japan/ 15’27’’

One night, a man waits for the return of the drunken Kazuya. The man knows much about Kazuya’s past. The identity of the stranger is the goldfish that was once a pet...

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Director: A.T
Englisht title:  Source
Original title:  Source
2011/ Japan/ 13’22’’

Tokyo, 2044, a strictly controlled society. A man tries to uncover a plan that the government is secretly trying to implement. Tojo vs. Nishiyama. A lone citizen’s psychological battle with the government begins. The case is named “source.”

Coin Loundry
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Director: Yusuke Fujii
Englisht title: Coin Loundry
Original title:  コインランドリー
2012/ Japan/ 8’41’’


A father is lonely, his daughter living separately. To make matters worse, she is moving to India with her new family. He wants to attend her graduation but doesn’t own a suit or have money to buy one. He decides to rob a store, but when he enters…

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Director: Ikuma Horii
Englisht title:  Sacrifice
Original title:  サクリファイス
2012/ Japan/ 10’08’’


Life after 3.11. What have we sacrificed, what have we learned since that day? Seen through the eyes of a young boy, this is a story about life.

Ting Dong
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Director: Minoru Takeuchi & Hiroshi Kuboyama
Englisht title: Ting Dong
Original title:  ちんどん
2012/ Japan/ 11’08’’


A short about the visual imagery of a traditional advertising style known as “chin-don-ya.” It aims to show the younger generations in Japan, as well as people abroad, that this kind of kitschy, loud, garish parade-style promotion from the past is still relevant today.


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