Albanian (official selection - TIFF 2013)
A day to remember

Director: Enis Sarani
Englisht title:  A day to remember
Original title:  A day to remember
2013/ Kosova/ HDm/ 4’/ Experimental/ Colour

Drawing of a Mom

Director: Anila Jaho
Englisht title:  Drawing of a Mom
Original title:  Drawing of a Mom
2012/ USA/ HD/ 3’/ Animation/ Colour

Is it better here or there?

Director: Elena Avdija
Englisht title:  Is it better here or there?
Original title: A eshte me mire ketu apo atje?
20131/ Kosova& France/ HD/ 28’/ Documentary

Me, the sea and…

Director: Lulzim Sula
Englisht title:  Me, the sea and…
Original title:  Une, deti dhe…
2013/ Albania/ HD/ 7’/ Documentary/ Colour

Room 12

Director: Ennio Hajro
Englisht title:  Room 12
Original title:  Dhoma 12
2013/ Albania/ MiniDv/ 3’14’’/ Fiction/ Colour

The boy with violin

Director: Irdit Kaso
Englisht title: The boy with violin
Original title:  Djali me violine
2013/ Albania/ MiniDv/ 8’53’’/ Fiction/ Colour

The story of a film director

Director: Suela Bako
Englisht title:  The story of a film director
Original title: The story of a film director
2013/ Albania/ HD/ 6’40’’’/ Fiction/ Colour

Untitle in time

Director: Ardjan Isufi
Montage: Ilir Kaso
Englisht title:  Untitle in time
Original title:  Pa titull ne kohe
2013/ Albania/ 12’26’’/ Documentary/ Colour- B&W


Director: Franc Priska
Englisht title:  Amen
Original title:  Amen
2013/ Albania/ HD/ 4’/ Fiction/ Colour


Director: Florenc Papas
Englisht title:  If…
Original title:  Nese…
2013/ Albania/ HDV/ 18’/ Fiction/ Colour

Klos city

Director: Denis Hoxha
Englisht title:  Klos city
Original title:  Klos city
2013/ Albania/ MiniDv/ 5’45’’’/Documentary/ Colour

Plastic memory

Director: Romina Ruda
Englisht title:  Plastic memory
Original title:  Kujtese plastike
2013/ Albania/ MiniDv/ 16’/ Documentary/ Colour


Director: Arzana Kraja
Englisht title:  Shkurta
Original title:  Shkurta
2012/ Kosova/ HDm/ 20’/ Fiction/ Colour

The other one

Director: Lendis Shkalla
Englisht title:  The other one
Original title:  Dikushi tjeter
2013/ Albania/ HDV/ 14’30’’/ Fiction/ Colour

The Superintendent

Director: Roland Uruci
Englisht title:  The Superintendent
Original title:  The Superintendent
2013/ USA/ HD/ 18’/ Fiction/ Colour

Daddy cool

Director: Julia Mierzwa
Englisht title:  Daddy cool
Original title:  Daddy cool
2013/ Kosova/ HD/ 4’/ Fiction/ Colour

Invention of Radio

Director: Burim Haliti
Englisht title:  Invention of Radio
Original title:  Shpikja e Radios
2013/ Kosova/ HDm/ 10’/ Documentary/ Colour


Director: Silvio Spahiu
Englisht title:  Magnet
Original title:  Magnet
2013/ Albania/ MiniDv/ 16’/ Documentary/ Colour

Psycho eye

Director: Fatjon Xhika
Englisht title: Psycho eye
Original title:  Psycho eye
2013/ Albania/ HD/ 20’/ Fiction/ Colour


Director: Sabri Pajaziti
Englisht title:  Skenderi
Original title:  Skenderi
2012/ Kosova/ DV/ 17’/ Fiction/ B&W

The sacred Pledge

Director: Astrit Hykaj
Englisht title:  The sacred Pledge
Original title:  Besa
2013/ Albania/ HD/ 19’/ Fiction/ B&W


Director: Imelda Ahmataj
Englisht title:  Travelers
Original title:  Udhetare
2013/ Albania/ HD/ 10’35’’/ Fiction/ B&W


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