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More than 800 short films were submitted online
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More than 800 short films were submitted online:
By Category
animation (70)
documentary (113)
experimental (80)
fiction (491)
By Year of Production
2011 (25)
2012 (279)
2013 (456)
By Country
Afghanistan (1)
Albania (17)
Algeria (1)
Argentina (4)
Armenia (2)
Australia (7)
Austria (5)
Azerbaijan (1)
Bangladesh (5)
Belgium (29)
Belorussia (1)
Bosnia-Herzegovina (1)
Botswana (1)
Brazil (7)
Bulgaria (10)
Burkina Faso (2)
Canada (36)
Chile (1)
China (2)
Colombia (1)
Croatia (5)
Czech Republic (6)
Denmark (4)
Deutschland (23)
Egypt (1)
England (34)
Estonia (1)
Finland (7)
France (69)
Georgia (1)
Greece (32)
Hong Kong (1)
Hungary (3)
Iceland (2)
India (41)
Indonesia (2)
Iran (15)
Iraq (2)
Ireland (5)
Israel (16)
Italy (66)
Japan (4)
Jordan (1)
Kosova (11)
Lebanon (3)
Lesotho (1)
Lithuania (2)
Luxemburg (1)
Macedonia (3)
Malta (1)
Mexico (13)
Monaco (2)
Montenegro (1)
Morocco (4)
Nepal (2)
Netherlands (15)
Norway (4)
Palestine (2)
Panama (1)
Peru (1)
Philippines (1)
Poland (16)
Portugal (10)
Romania (5)
Russia (15)
Schweiz (3)
Scotland (7)
Serbia (9)
Singapore (2)
Slovakia (3)
Slovenia (1)
South Korea (1)
Spain (84)
Sweden (3)
Syria (1)
Taiwan (1)
Thailand (3)
Turkey (9)
Ukraine (11)
United Arab Emirates (2)
USA (30)
Vietnam (1)
By Format of Production
16mm (13)
16mm SUPER (10)
35mm (35)
8mm Video (1)
Digital 8 (1)
Digital Beta (6)
DVCam (9)
DVD (67)
HD (572)
HDTV (23)
Hi8 (1)
miniDV (17)
super-8 (2)
More than 200 feature films were submitted online
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More than 200 feature films were submitted online:
By Category
documentary (64)
experimental (14)
fiction (122)
By Year of Production
2011 (3)
2012 (83)
2013 (114)
By Country
Albania (2)
Argentina (3)
Australia (2)
Austria (4)
Azerbaijan (1)
Bangladesh (1)
Barbados (1)
Belgium (4)
Bosnia-Herzegovina (2)
Brazil (6)
Bulgaria (2)
Burkina Faso (1)
Canada (5)
Cape Verde (1)
Chile (2)
Croatia (2)
Denmark (1)
Deutschland (5)
England (11)
Finland (2)
France (16)
Greece (5)
Hong Kong (1)
India (5)
Iran (8)
Iraq (1)
Ireland (4)
Israel (2)
Italy (29)
Kosova (1)
Lebanon (1)
Lithuania (2)
Macedonia (3)
Mexico (6)
Mozambique (1)
Netherlands (1)
Philippines (2)
Poland (3)
Portugal (3)
Romania (2)
Russia (1)
Schweiz (4)
Slovakia (1)
Slovenia (1)
South Korea (1)
Spain (16)
Sweden (2)
Turkey (2)
Ukraine (6)
USA (12)
By Format of Production
16mm SUPER (8)
35mm (21)
Digital Beta (3)
DVCam (4)
DVD (13)
HD (141)
HDTV (1)
miniDV (7)
super-8 (2)
1000 movies were submitted for the 11th edition of TIFF
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Dear friends, at the aftermath of the submition phase, more than 1000 movies were submitted for the 11th edition of TIFF through the online platform of the Festival, through the platform festhome and through public and private film agencies that do cooperate annually with us, adding to that films selected by TIFF selectors in other international film festivals. These films come from 85 countries of the world:
1. Afghanistan
2. Albania
3. Algeria
4. Argentina
5. Armenia
6. Australia
7. Austria
8. Azerbaijan
9. Bangladesh
10. Barbados
11. Belgium
12. Belorussia
13. Bosnia-Herzegovina
14. Botswana
15. Brazil
16. Bulgaria
17. Burkina Faso
18. Canada
19. Cape Verde
20. Chile
21. China
22. Colombia
23. Croatia
24. Czech Republic
25. Denmark
26. Deutschland
27. Egypt
28. England
29. Estonia
30. Finland
31. France
32. Georgia
33. Greece
34. Hong Kong
35. Hungary
36. Iceland
37. India
38. Indonesia
39. Iran
40. Iraq
41. Ireland
42. Israel
43. Italy
44. Japan
45. Jordan
46. Kosova
47. Lebanon
48. Lesotho
49. Lithuania
50. Luxemburg
51. Macedonia
52. Malta
53. Mexico
54. Monaco
55. Montenegro
56. Morocco
57. Mozambique
58. Nepal
59. Netherlands
60. Norway
61. Palestine
62. Panama
63. Peru
64. Philippines
65. Poland
66. Portugal
67. Romania
68. Russia
69. Schweiz
70. Scotland
71. Serbia
72. Singapore
73. Slovakia
74. Slovenia
75. South Korea
76. Spain
77. Sweden
78. Syria
79. Taiwan
80. Thailand
81. Turkey
82. Ukraine
83. United Arab Emirates
84. USA
85. Vietnam
Special Programme
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- The 11th edition of TIFF, in association with the Israel Film Fund and the Israel Embassy in Tirana, will present the special Program “ISREAL”, a section dedicated for the first time to the contemporary Israeli cinema. The show of the movies will be presented by the Israeli Film Fund director Katriel Schory. Other than the four newest movies produced by the Israeli cinema, the public will also be introduced to some of the best short movies and video arts, which during the days of the festival will be exhibited along with posters and images from the movies in the FAP Gallery of the University of Arts.

- In association with Asian Short Shorts Film Festival comes the program BIG SHORTS IN JAPAN where for the first time a section of recent best Japanese short movies selections will be projected. This collaboration will also bring the projection of Albanian short movies in the next edition of this activity in Tokyo 2014.

- One of program’s highlights of the eleventh edition of TIFF 2013 is the presentation of one of world’s most reputable Short Film distributors with which TIFF has worked closely since its inception. For ten years the collaboration with the Spanish distributing company KIMUAK has been congruous and advantageous. Therefore in this edition KIMUAK comes with a special program of best short movies of the last 15 years, which will be presented by Esther Cabero, coordinator of KIMUAK.

- One of festival’s goals is to create an original atmosphere and at the same time challenge the new cinematographers. In this edition, in collaboration with the LONDON FILM SCHOOL TIFF has made possible the presentation of their best conceptions curated by the director of this school Ben Gibson. During the program there will be a sequence to project movies by a group of students from the two film schools of Tirana.

- TIFF in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada will present for the first time for the audience of this festival Norman McLaren, with a selection of his best movies honored with many international awards like Oscar, Golden Bear and Bafta. He has been a pioneer in the field of animation, visual music, abstract film and graphical sound.

- Returning to TIFF BALKAN SHORTS, their collections have become tradition in the best Balkan short movies, made possible by the close cooperation with AltCine and Elektra Venaki, Greece.

- This edition will stage for the first time the project CINEFIER, which represents a new reality in form and the place of realization and in its perception. Its author is director Bujar Alimani. He is the inventor and leader of this project.

-Recurring, like in other editions REFLECTING ALBANIA, a program of ten years in the festival, dedicated to the movies produced by foreign cinematographers for Albania.

- In the framework of the exchange of experiences and partnership between the festivals will devise the program POSTSARD, a selection of short films from Sardegna, Italy which will be presented by Sergio Stagno, one of the founders of SKEPTO Film Festival.

- The program for Albanian Cinema Nostalgia, this edition, we have selected a movie review by Endri Keko, one of the founders of Albanian cinema after the war, known documentaries, awarded in international festivals.

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The TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (TIFF) is the first and only international cinema festival of its kind in Albania. Created in 2003,
this extraordinary cultural event takes place under the auspices of the Albanian National Center for Cinematography (QKK).
This year's competition features distinct sections:

1. Feature Film Competition
2. Short Film Competition
3. Albanian Short Film Competition
4. DIGIART - TV Short Film Competition

All the daily programs of the TIFF festival combine features and short film sin all formats and genres : fiction, documentary, animation and experimental. Open to any filmmaker from around the world, TIFF showcases new cinematic work by established directors with international reputations as well as work by talented students and young artists.
TIFF provides time in its daily schedule for classes and seminars with professionals in the motion picture industry geared for Albanian students of the cinema and emerging filmmakers.
On the occasion of this 11th edition of TIFF, four juries comprised of leading film writers, directors and critics will evaluate and then select the best features & shorts with awards presented on the closing night.
Above all, it is the aim of the TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL to create a meeting point for film artists and cinema enthusiasts from Albania, the Balkans and the entire world to come together and share their linked passion and knowledge of the motion picture art form.
This 11th edition of TIFF 2013 brings several important changes to its previous years. For the fifth time, TIFF announces a feature film competition along with its prestigious shorts program. TIFF also extends its program to nine days, October 23 to October 31 in order to encompass not only the competing shorts and features but to allow for retrospectives, seminars, classes, press events and special presentations at theatres all over the Albanian capital.
It is the intention of TIFF to bring filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts from all around the world to Tirana, Albania in the hopes of fostering future co-operation in this extraordinarily scenic area.
By bringing together these distinct voices and their work, the TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL commits itself to introducing audiences to alternative visions of extraordinary diversity.

Awards will be presented in the following categories:








Other additional awards are to be announced before the festival.
All prizes are accompanied with a diploma and festival cup.


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