Reflecting Albania
Shqiperia - Notes From Albania
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Director: Klaus Huebner

Englisht title:   Shqiperia - Notes From Albania
Original title:  Shqiperia - Notes From Albania

2012/Albania/  72’/ Documentary/ Colour

A place of dictatorial isolationists, trigger-happy masses and archaic blood feuds: to this day, thanks to propaganda and mass media sensationalism, Albania is still regarded as backwards and dangerous. This oversimplified prejudice stands in contrast with a reality a thousand times more complex. SHQIPËRIA – NOTES FROM ALBANIA offers a flow of stories from and about Albania, displaying the country in its true diversity, unspeculatively illuminating its beauty, conflicts and contradictions.

The human Cargo
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Director: Daniele Vicari

Englisht title:  The human Cargo
Original title:  La nave dolce

2012/ Albania& Italy /  90’/ Documentary/ Colour

On August 8th 1991, an Albanian ship carrying twenty-thousand people arrives in the port of Bari. The ship is called Vlora. To those who watch her approaching, she looks like a teeming ant hill, an ill-defined mass of bodies clinging to one another. The docking man oeuvres are difficult. Some of the men on board dive into the sea and swim to shore. Many yell, “Italia, Italia,” holding up two fingers to signal victory.

Made in Albania
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Director: Stefania Casini

Englisht title:  Made in Albania
Original title:  Made in Albania

2012/Italy/  88’/ Docu- Fiction/ Colour

"Made in Albania" is a documentary film that tells the Albania of today, 21 years after the fall of the totalitarian regime through the eyes and the meetings of three twenty-something. A documentary built as a film on the road that follows the three main characters in their solitary journeys and tells the meetings with loveable characters.

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Director: Annarita Cocca

Englisht title:   Katundi
Original title:   Katundi

2011/Italy/  20’/ Fiction/ Colour

Due giovani, Maria e Nicolino, sono aspiranti sposi. I rispettivi genitori stipulano il contratto matrimoniale e definiscono la dote nuziale della sposa e i beni dello sposo.

In The Lost Future
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Director: Enrico Masi

Englisht title:   In The Lost Future
Original title:    In Calabria o del futuro perduto

2012/Italy/  15’/ Fiction/ Colour – Black&White

The Arberesh are the largest linguistic minority in Italy, fully integrated and partially assimilated to the main Italian culture. But still in the Twenty-first Century, many impervious areas of the Calabrian Appennines maintain their ancient traditions, while undergoing the advance of globalization. Their resistance appears quite similar to that of Skanderberg, a valiant fighter involved in the defense of Albania against the Turkish invasion in the Fifteenth Century.


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