Documentary (official selection - TIFF 2012)
A Story For The Modlins

Director: Sergio Oksman

Englisht title:  A Story For The Modlins
Original title:   A Story For The Modlins

2012 / Spain / HD / 26’ / Documentary / Colour

Script:  Carlos Muguiro, Emilio Tomé, Sergio Oksman; Photography:  Migue Amoedo;  Editing: Fernando Franco, Sergio Oksman;   Sound:   Carlos Bonmatí; Producer:  Sergio Oksman


After appearing in Rosemary’s Baby, Elmer Modlin fled with his family to a far off country and shut himself away in a dark apartment for thirty years.

Fifty People One Question

Director: Kamil Krolak

Englisht title:  Fifty People One Question
Original title:   Fifty People One Question

2011/ Ireland/ DVD/ 11’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script: Kamil Krolak; Photography:   Julia Puchovska; Editing:  Kamil Krolak;   Music: Rachel;  Sound: Killian McPartland;  Leading actors:  People Of Galway  Producer:  Kamil Krolak 

"One Town, 50 different People, One very difficult Question" Short video which connected people from the furthest parts of the world... Its popularity, impact on the audience, media coverage it is receiving on different continents, and popularity all over the globe - is truly amazing.

Another night on earth

Director: David Munoz

Englisht title:   Another night on earth
Original title:   Otra noche en la tierra

2012/ Spain/ HD/ 28’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script: David Munoz; Photography:  David Munoz;  Editing:  David Munoz, Alicia Medina;    Sound:  Beltran Rengifo;  Producer:  David Munoz

Egypt, a country under revolution. Cairo, a mega-city with the worst traffic in the world. In endless traffic jams, passengers and taxi drivers talk and debate about their present and future. And we discover the details that draw their lives.


Director: Santeri Mäkinen

Englisht title:  Lives
Original title:   Lives

2012/ Finland/ DVD/ 18’/ Documentary/ Black&White

Script: Santeri Mäkinen;   Photography: Otso Ahosola, Markus Laitinen; Editing:  Eero Lehtinen;  Animation:  Simo Pitkänen; Music:  Aki Silventoinen; Sound: Aki Silventoinen;  Leading actors:  Hannu Nyberg; Producer: Metropolia Film School / Arto Tuohimaa

Is Elvis Presley dead? Or did he just stage his own death? His death is filled with mysteries, so it isn’t any wonder that many of his fans still think he lives. Why is his name misspelled in his gravestone? Why aren’t we sure where and when his body was found? Is there only a waxdoll in his casket? Did Elvis write in his own death certificate? Hannu Nyberg, a Finnish Rock journalist, has researched the subject and tries to answer that classic question: Is Elvis alive?

Blessed Simulacrum

Director: Eduardo Montero & Óscar Clemente

Englisht title:  Blessed Simulacrum
Original title:  Bendito simulacro

2012/ Spain/ HD/ 22’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script:  Óscar Clemente;  Photography:  Eduardo Montero; Editing:   Eduardo Montero& Óscar Clemente; Music:    Julio de la Rosa; Sound:   Juan Egoscoazabal;  Leading actors: Curro Fernández Enriquez;    Producer:   Óscar Clemente

The character of a martyr magician, who sacrifices his own capacity to be seduced to have the gift of seduction. A documentary about a religius sculptor- cinema operator - magician. About the human need of tales and representation. About the lies that convinces us.

The typographic city

Director:   Aitor Gametxo & Igone Arreitunandia

Englisht title:   The typographic city
Original title:   La ciutat tipogràfica

2012/ Spain/  Digita Beta/ 26’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script:  Igone Arreitunandia, Marina Thomé; Photography:  Marina Thomé, Sabrina Grajales;    Editing:  Aitor Gametxo; Music:  Mursego; Sound:  Marina Thomé, Igone Arreitunandia;   Producer: Aitor Gametxo

How does typography interact with people? I dive into a visual universe where letters melt, merge, contrast and finally, state personal and collective identities in the city, and I ask for myself which could identify me.


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