Experimental (official selection - TIFF 2012)
All Inclusive

Director: Beate Hecher& Markus Keim

Englisht title:   All Inclusive
Original title:   All Inclusive

2012/ Austria/ DVD/ 8’/ Experimental/ Colour- Black&White

Script: Beate Hecher & Markus Keim;   Photography:   Beate Hecher; Editing:  Beate Hecher & Markus Keim;  Sound: Markus Keim;   Leading actors:  Markus Keim;  Producer:   Beate Hecher& Markus Keim

The panoramic view of a hotel ruin in the Egyptian desert the yesterday, that will no longer see the tomorrow  a depraved despot in the landscape in snorkeling gear protests... screams... the report of a hotel manager about the supply situation of the First World in Egypt shots a interrupted telephone connection  an apocalyptic colonial composition, whose perspective is the zero.

Deus Et Machina

Director: Koldo Almandoz

Englisht title:   Deus Et Machina
Original title:   Deus Et Machina

2012/ Spain/ HD/ 8’/ Experimental/ Colour& Black&White

Script:  Koldo Almandoz;  Photography:  Javi Agirre;  Editing:  Laurent Dufreche;  Music:  Joserra Gutierrez, Belako Taldea;  Sound:  Xabier Agirre, Haritz Lete; Leading actors:  Alex Batllori, Fernando Tielve, Alex Angulo, Patxi Santamaria, Itziar Lazkano, Reyes Moleres, Koldo Olabarri, Aida de Sarraga;  Producer:  Marian Fernandez Pascal

Guille and Alex don’t know each other. Each of them leads their lives in their own way. They live according to how they have been taught and raised. Although they come from different worlds, they are united by something – their passion for swimming. And today, there’s a competition.

Lyrebird Soup

Director: Naren Wilks

Englisht title:  Lyrebird Soup
Original title:   Lyrebird Soup

2012/ UK/ HD/ 6’/ Experimental/ Black&White

Music:  Minima; Leading actors:   Cameron Miller, Brian Elloway;  Producer:  Naren Wilks

During a visit to a tailor, a man is left alone with a large mirror. Whilst on his own, the mirror starts to play cruel tricks on him, in this take on a classic sketch by the Marx brothers.

Catching Ideas

Director: Marco Balducci

Englisht title:   Catching Ideas
Original title:   Catching Ideas

2012/ Italy/  Super-8 / 10'/ Experimental/ Colour& Black&White

Script:  Marco Balducci; Photography:   Marco Balducci;  Editing:  Marco Balducci;   Music: Stefano 66K De Angelis;  Sound: Marco Balducci; Leading actors:  Marco Balducci, Maria Rita Campagnari; Producer:  Marco Balducci


Where ideas come from? It's a mystery. Painting, raping with acids each frame, risking the film as the bullfighter risks his life, looking for a VanGoghian sensation of the color through an continuos combination of complementary colors, I tried with this experimental short film to immerse the viewer into the unified field that pervades us and from which fragments of ideas emerge. All shootings are ORIGINAL and taken with Canon EOS 500D (HD) and Chinon Dart 70 (super 8).

How I lost my wings

Director: Ivan Tasic

Englisht title:   How I lost my wings
Original title:  Kako sam ostao bez krila

2012/ Serbia/ HD/ 22’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:   Ivan Tasic;  Photography:   Ivan Tasic, Marko Tasic;  Editing:   Bob Izvanredni, Ivan Tasic;  Music:   Danijel Milosevic, Veljko Stojiljkovic, Vladimir Panin;  Sound:   Danijel Milosevic;  Leading actors:   Milutin Todorovic, Stevan Zdravic, Tomislav Trifunovic, Sladjana Nestorovic, Katarina Gajic, Ana Matejic, Stefan Zivanovic, Simon Bovan...;  Producer:  Zoran Eric

Through the series of introspective views on personal conflicts of ideological and iconographic normative with general spiritual and moral thoughts, man, although physically passive, by using his dreams and memories he reconstructs semicentennial period of the country that doesn't exist anymore.

The Bath

Director: João Vieira Torres

Englisht title:  The Bath
Original title:   Le bain

2012/ France/ MiniDv/ 5’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script: João Vieira Torres; Photography: João Vieira Torres;    Editing: João Vieira Torres;    Sound:  João Vieira Torres;  Producer:   João Vieira Torres.

A young man religiously undresses and gives a bath to a second boy who, remains strangely, totally impassive, like dead, when...


Director: Maciej Twardowski

Englisht title:   Connection
Original title:  Polaczenie

2011/ Poland/ 35mm/ 4’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Maciej Twardowski; Photography:  Maciej Twardowski; Editing:  Julita Manczak;   Music:  Julita Manczak; Sound:  Julita Manczak; Leading actors:  Sejin Ahn, Haukur M Hrafnsson; Producer:  Marcin Malatynski

A short story inspired by the structure of the ice, it's shapes, sounds and geometrical figures it forms. Two men surrounded by frozen landscapes get connected in a mysterious way.


Director: Natalia Warth

Englisht title:  Kino
Original title:  Kino

2012/ Brazil/ HD/ 13’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Natalia Warth; Photography:   Angelo Stramaglia;  Editing:    Giorgia Villa; Music: Luca Giovanardi;    Sound:  Marco Furlani;    Leading actors:  Andrea Bruschi, Manuela Pimentel;   Producer:   Lorenzo Vignolo

"Kino" tells a love story between a man that works as an projectionist and a woman that goes to that cinema. Playing with the many realitys that exists: the movies, real life and memory, their relashionship makes think how much the things that we live are true or just our imagination.


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