The (divided) sons of America by Sokol Balla
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Director: Sokol Balla

Englisht title:  Djemtë e përçarë të Amerikës
Original title:  The (divided) sons of America

2012/Albania/  70'/ Documentary/ Colour


As with all nations whose renneaissance happened during XX century, Albania also depended very much on its diaspora in the United States. many representatives of the Albanian diaspora in the US, played a huge role before and after the proclamation of independence and they are idolized in Albania in generations. But as with all great people, in their daily lives they not always were driven by great principles. Greed, competition, struggle for power and revenge often influenced them and dictated they interrelations, in a time when unity was needed most. This documentary represents some unseen documents and footage, by shading some light into the grey zones of the personality of some Albanian big names of history.




Sokol  Balla born on 7 May 1973.  Host In “Radio Tirana” Programmes.  First Experiences In The Newly Liberated Printed Press.  Journalist   At The News Department At National  Public Television Of Albania.   Journalist  At The  Patriot Ledger News Paper, Massachusets.   Communications Director And Spokesman At  The “Democratic Party  In  Albania”. Editor At Gazeta Shqiptare Newspaper. Editor At Koha Jone  Newspaper. Freelance Reporter At The “Associated Press”. Correspondent  And  Producer In Albania For“Cnn International”. Corresponent  At“Illyria”,Newspaper, New York Daily Based  And Correspondent Of  “Youth Balcans Agency”. Co-Founder  Of “Klan” Magazine And Editor.  Producer And Journalist At   “Bbc World Service” In London. News  Director At “Klan” Television. Director Of Comunications At The  “Albanian Mobile Communitacion”. Columnist  At  “Korrieri” News Paper  And “Klan”Magazine. News Director At Top Channel  Television . Host  And Director  At “Top Story” Programme Top Channel. Host  And Director  “Sokol Balla Live ”, Programme At  Top Albania Radio.Winner Of “Scoop Of The Year 1995”, Soros Award; Winner Of Best  Cultural Feature 1996 Velija Foundation Award; Winner Of Best Cultural  Feature 1997 Velija Foundation; Winner Of Best Feature 1998 – Soros  Award; Medal Of Recognition – Ministry Of Defence – 2003; Winner Of  Leadership Award For Exeptional Merits On Media Contribution – 2007;  Personality Of The Year For Tirana Municipality, 2008; Winner Of Best Tv Host And Moderator 2010 – 2011, Radio And Tv  Independent Academy;  Personality Of The Year 2011 For Media, Tirana  Observer Newspaper



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