Deus Et Machina

Director: Koldo Almandoz

Englisht title:   Deus Et Machina
Original title:   Deus Et Machina

2012/ Spain/ HD/ 8’/ Experimental/ Colour& Black&White

Script:  Koldo Almandoz;  Photography:  Javi Agirre;  Editing:  Laurent Dufreche;  Music:  Joserra Gutierrez, Belako Taldea;  Sound:  Xabier Agirre, Haritz Lete; Leading actors:  Alex Batllori, Fernando Tielve, Alex Angulo, Patxi Santamaria, Itziar Lazkano, Reyes Moleres, Koldo Olabarri, Aida de Sarraga;  Producer:  Marian Fernandez Pascal

Guille and Alex don’t know each other. Each of them leads their lives in their own way. They live according to how they have been taught and raised. Although they come from different worlds, they are united by something – their passion for swimming. And today, there’s a competition.

Mikel Rueda. Bilbao, 1980. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication in 2002. After spending 4 years working as a producer, he received a grant to study at the New York Film Academy, where he directed the short film Present Perfect, scooping more than 30 awards. His first feature film, Izarren argia (Stars to wish upon), competed in the New Directors section at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2010. After his second film A escondidas (Hidden away), he is now producing his third feature El año que cayó el muro (The year the wall came down).


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