Lyrebird Soup

Director: Naren Wilks

Englisht title:  Lyrebird Soup
Original title:   Lyrebird Soup

2012/ UK/ HD/ 6’/ Experimental/ Black&White

Music:  Minima; Leading actors:   Cameron Miller, Brian Elloway;  Producer:  Naren Wilks

During a visit to a tailor, a man is left alone with a large mirror. Whilst on his own, the mirror starts to play cruel tricks on him, in this take on a classic sketch by the Marx brothers.

Born 31.01.85 in Yeovil, England. Lives and works in Bristol, UK. Filmography: Lyrebird Soup, 2012 Journey on a bus, 2011 Collide-o-scope, 2010 Bridge Study, 2009


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