Catching Ideas

Director: Marco Balducci

Englisht title:   Catching Ideas
Original title:   Catching Ideas

2012/ Italy/  Super-8 / 10'/ Experimental/ Colour& Black&White

Script:  Marco Balducci; Photography:   Marco Balducci;  Editing:  Marco Balducci;   Music: Stefano 66K De Angelis;  Sound: Marco Balducci; Leading actors:  Marco Balducci, Maria Rita Campagnari; Producer:  Marco Balducci


Where ideas come from? It's a mystery. Painting, raping with acids each frame, risking the film as the bullfighter risks his life, looking for a VanGoghian sensation of the color through an continuos combination of complementary colors, I tried with this experimental short film to immerse the viewer into the unified field that pervades us and from which fragments of ideas emerge. All shootings are ORIGINAL and taken with Canon EOS 500D (HD) and Chinon Dart 70 (super 8).

I was born in Teramo (Italy) in the 1979. I studied in Teramo and La Coruna(Spain) mass media communication and audiovisual research. I’m a painter and I like sperimentation. I participate with a little videoart piece "memoriesofasovietsoldier" at many festivals and exhibitions as Athens Video Art Festival, Arte Video Roma Festival , Audiovisioni su Scicli, Festival Internacional de Videoarte Camaguey, Festival Images contre Nature, Emerging Artist 2012(NY) and others.


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