Director: Maciej Twardowski

Englisht title:   Connection
Original title:  Polaczenie

2011/ Poland/ 35mm/ 4’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Maciej Twardowski; Photography:  Maciej Twardowski; Editing:  Julita Manczak;   Music:  Julita Manczak; Sound:  Julita Manczak; Leading actors:  Sejin Ahn, Haukur M Hrafnsson; Producer:  Marcin Malatynski

A short story inspired by the structure of the ice, it's shapes, sounds and geometrical figures it forms. Two men surrounded by frozen landscapes get connected in a mysterious way.


Maciej Twardowski studies cinematography in the National Film School in Lodz. Before he started his adventure with film, he studied psychology and was a professional sailing athlete. 2010 "A nap" 2010 "Sacrament" 2011 "Connection" 2011 "Conversation"


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