Director: Natalia Warth

Englisht title:  Kino
Original title:  Kino

2012/ Brazil/ HD/ 13’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Natalia Warth; Photography:   Angelo Stramaglia;  Editing:    Giorgia Villa; Music: Luca Giovanardi;    Sound:  Marco Furlani;    Leading actors:  Andrea Bruschi, Manuela Pimentel;   Producer:   Lorenzo Vignolo

"Kino" tells a love story between a man that works as an projectionist and a woman that goes to that cinema. Playing with the many realitys that exists: the movies, real life and memory, their relashionship makes think how much the things that we live are true or just our imagination.

Natalia Warth was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1983. Having always been an avid film buff from childhood, and having fallen in love with foreign Language/Arthouse films during her school times, when she had had a workshop about Cinema and Philosophy, it wasn't until 2001 that Natalia realized that she wanted to be a Filmmaker. Degree in Social Communication- Cinema. Assistant Director of TV Globo since 2006, working inTvs shows. Natalia won the Best Experimental Short movie award at the XVI Gramado Cine Video Festival, in 2006.Her last work was in the soap opera “Passione” wich she spent two months shooting in Italy where she came back in 2011 to live and shoot the short "Kino".


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