Iki - See You Soon

Director: Florian Maubach

Englisht title:   Iki - See You Soon
Original title:   Iki - Bis bald

2012/ Germany/ HD/ 2’/ Animation/ Colour& Black& White

Animation: Florian Maubach; Producer:   Florian Maubach

A short documentation about a Bicyclejourney from Kassel in Germany up to the coast of Lithuania.

My name is Florian Maubach. I was born in Hamburg (Germany) were I also lived for 20 years. Since 2009 i study Animation at the University of Art and Design in Kassel. - Trailer for " 9.Haydauer Filmtage" 2012 - Official Trailer for "Monstra Festival 2011" - 2011 - Regel Null (Group Project) - 2011 - Venedig (Shortfilm) – 2010.



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