The Qandil Mountains

Director: Taha Karimi

Title in English:  The Qandil Mountains
Original title:  Kwystani Qandil

2010/ Iraq/ HD/ 86’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Taha Karimi; Photography: Kaywan Yousefi; Editing:  Mohammad Reza Vatandoost; Music: Fardin Khalatbari; Sound: Taher Pishvaei; Leading actors:  Dr. Ghotbedin Sadeghi Jomerd Qareman Awnadin Mariwani; Producer:  Kurdistan Rogional Government (Krg)

The borders of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq meet at a region called the Qandil Mountains. It’s been years that the soldiers of these three countries have been fighting the Kurdish peshmergas (Kurdish life-staker combatants) in the Qandil Mountains. The soldiers all say they must be aggressive. The Kurdish peshmergas say they have no way other than to be aggressive. So far, over ten thousand people have been killed and about a thousand more have gone missing in these mountains.

Taha Karimi was born in 1976 in Banah city – situated in East of Kurdistan. I have finished primary, intermediate and secondary education in Banah city. Banah is a city in Kurdistan full of stories and accidents. In 1980 there were 16 offices of political parties of different points of view opened in this city. First of all I started arts working with story writing such as "the Dance of truth angle" the first short story published in Kurdish magazine "Serwa" printed in 1996. I participated in the "council of Iranian youth cinema" course in Kermashan city. After this stage I have participated in many festivals of short films.

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