The Artifice

Director:  Jose Enrique March

Title in English:  The Artifice
Original title:  El Artificio

2011/ Spain/ HD/ 88’/ Feature/ Colour

Script:  Pablo Peris; Photography:  Paco Belda; Editing:  Manuel Calvo; Music:  Various Artist; Sound:  Jose Serrador; Leading actors:  Enrique Belloch, Maria Jose Peris, Paco Martinez Novell, Iñaki Miramon, Jose Galotto, Cesar Tormo; Producer:  Jose Enrique March

What if a filmmaker's mind begins to lose?
What if he does not distinguish between reality and fiction?
All mirrors always have two sides.

Degree in Information Sciences, specializing in Image and Sound, his first years of their professional activities were devoted to journalism, both written and television and radio, covering as film critic highly cultured scholar and the most important Spanish film festivals. Jose Enrique March (Valencia, 1974) made his directorial debut in the feature film with the romantic drama LISTENING TO GABRIEL (2007). The dazzling visual talent, elegance and a fascinating narrative use of the soundtrack, hit the critics and the juries of national and international festivals, where he received numerous awards. Released in late 2007.

Malaga Film Festival Mostra De Valencia Toulouse Film Festival


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