A trip

Director: Nejc Gazvoda

Title in English: A trip
Original title: Izlet

2011/ Slovenia/ HDV/ 85’/ Feature/ Colour

Script: Nejc Gazvoda; Photography: Marko Brdar; Editing: Nejc Gazvoda, Janez Lapajne; Music: New Wave Syria; Sound: Julij Zornik; Leading actors: Nina Rokovec, Jure Henghan, Luka Cimpric; Producer: Aleś Pavlin

Three best friends go on a trip to the seaside, just like they did in high school, but they are not kids anymore. Gregor is a soldier who is being sent on a mission to Afghanistan. Živa is going to study abroad. Andrej is their gay friend who hates everything, himself included. When they arrive, they get drunk. One by one, secrets are revealed. Their friendship is put to the test.

Born in 1985 in Slovenia. Writer and film director. He is also the author of three novels and a theatre play. He is often referred to as the leading writer of his generation. He completed the film and TV directing course at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, making his graduate movie 'Caretaker' in 2008. 'A Trip' is his feature film debut.


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