Director:  Zohar Elefant

Title in English: Sivan
Original title: Sivan

2010/ Israel/ HD/ 13’/ Documentary/ Colour

Photography:  Zohar Elelfant; Producer: Zohar Elelfant;

Sivan is a documentary which diverge the gaze away from the players' movements on a soccer field, focusing instead on the facial expressions of a single viewer. Zohar Elefant turns the camera away from the football match and fixing it on an individual character amidst the crowd serves to lure the viewer into the real drama of the event, which takes place discretely inside the mind of every fan in the gallery.

Zohar Elefant ( born 25.08.1975 in Israel) is a Film Director and Video Artist. He holds a B.F.A from the Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, and a M.F.A in Fine Arts, from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Zohar has presented his works in Art Galleries and Film Festivals all over the world. He won a silver medal in Promax World 2011, and a bronze medal in Promax world 2009, received a scholarship for Film Directing with distinction from the America-Israel cultural foundation, and more.


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