Director:  Nina Kurtela

Title in English:  Transformance
Original title: Transformance

2010/ Croatia/ HD/ 10’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script: Nina Kurtela; Photography: Nina Kurtela; Editing: Nina Kurtela; Animation: Nina Kurtela; Leading actors: Nina Kurtela; Producer:  Nina Kurtela

Transformance is a video-event-work that activates and documents a five-month durational performance. Over this period of time, Nina Kurtela establishes a daily practice of visiting and witnessing the changes at the building site of the Uferstudios, Wedding, Berlin - the warehouse for the repair of public trams and buses becomes a dance institution. She is spectator to the making of an institution, an art institution, the making of the theatre stage.

Nina Kurtela is an artist born 1981 in Zagreb, Croatia. She studie Contemporary Dance, Choreography, Context at the Co-operative Dance Education Centre HZT in Berlin. She also finished visual arts studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb where she got her master degree in New Media Arts and Pedagogy (Art Teacher). In her work she is busy with the cross media field of research and creation between disciplines such as visual and performing arts.

2011 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it nomination for the video work “Transformance” Museum of Contemporary Arts, Zagreb;


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