To Anne Marie

Director: Petra Lindholm

Title in English: To Anne Marie
Original title: To Anne Marie

2010/ Finland/ HD/ 10’50’’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script: Petra Lindholm; Music: Petra Lindholm; Producer: Petra Lindholm


Anne Marie, the aunt of Lindholm’s grandfather, was engaged to a Russian man called Mr. Obolenski. Due to a civil war in Finland, Mr. Obolenski had to escape from the country. Left behind, Anne Marie never heard back from him again. Anne Marie’s life story is told with atmospheric images, displaying subtle nuances of colours, and music made by the author.

Petra Lindholm (born 1973 in Finland) is a visual artist working mainly with video, sound and photography. Studied at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm 1996-2001. In her video work she forms a close connection between images and sound, by employing her own composed music and voice. One of her areas of interest lies in describing memories and depicting the passage of time.


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