The Chair

Director:  Joonas Makkonen

Title in English:  The Chair
Original title: The Chair

2011/ Finland/ HD/ 3’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Joonas Makkonen; Photography:  Tero Saikkonen; Editing:  Joonas Makkonen; Music:  Jussi Huhtala; Sound:  Ismo Mustonen; Leading actors:  Raimo Hytti, Olli Saarenpää, Janne Anttila; Producer:  Joonas Makkonen, Toni Vuomajoki


An old chair is sharing his experiences in a studio interview. This short film is made within 48 hours, for a competition called "PlayOFF 2011". The film got 2nd prize in the competition. Filmography:
Joonas Makkonen started as an amateur film maker in 2001, and in 2006 he entered in Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, where he studies in Art and Media. Since then Joonas have made short films as a film student, but also as an independent film maker. Joonas is 25 years old, and he is already written and directed various short films which have been in many film festivals. Joonas is also planning his first feature film. Filmography as director: The Last Hitchhiker (2011, post-production) The Chair (2011) The Escort (2011) Peto (2011) Bunny the Killer Thing (2011) I Had a Girlfriend (2010) The Miracle of Jouko Mikkola (2010) A Small Awakening (2009).

2nd prize in PlayOFF 2011 competition


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