Director: Tuomas A. Laitinen

Title in English: Rising
Original title: Rising

2010/ Finland/ HD/ 16’53’’/ Experimental/ Colour

Editing: Tuomas Laitinen; Music: Jimi Tenor, Tuomas Laitinen; Sound: A. Laitinen;
Leading actors: Mikko Salonen, Kea Nuorivaara, Lauri Paivanen; Producer: Johanna Wartio- McEvoy

Rising is a dreamlike work about the future, remembering and energy production. The story is centered around a power station built in the early 20th century.

Tuomas Laitinen is a visual artist who works with various media including light boxes, neon, video, printmaking and sound. Laitinen’s work with light boxes is connected to pre-cinema devices and experimental narrative structures. Toumas Laitinen holds an MA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.


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