Rafael, Remember Your Life

Director:  Simeon Frohm

Title in English:  Rafael, Remember Your Life
Original title: Rafael, Remember Your Life

2011/ Sweden&Croatia/ HD/ 14’23’’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Filippe Gilló; Photography:  Simeon Frohm; Editing:  Simeon Frohm;
Animation: Simeon Frohm; Music:  Helios, Andreas Runeson, Kristoffer Byström;
Sound:  Simeon Frohm, Johan Eckeborn; Leading actors:  Antoni Zabok, Gabriel Löfgren Lobo, Neo Slater, Arne Nordh, Emina Rostaan, Lisa Läckgren, Sixten Stensjö, Dominik Trakjovich, Ivo Mihajlovic, Dina Peckinpah; Producer:  Michel Östlund

RAFAEL,memento vitae depicts some aspects of life’s phases through Rafael’s eyes. Hence the title. The story is enacted in the borderlands between fiction and documentary. The contrast between hard and meaningless, and attractive and warming scenes may awake personal memories. Is it well-reasoned decisions or those low-key conversations that cause us to pause and consider? What forms our choices in life? Is it the chance meeting,events or everyday life itself? Nothing is self-evident. Like life.

Simeon was born in Helsingborg, 1987.He grew up in Uppsala in a very creative family where acting, art, poetry and music was the most important things for him during his family years. At age of 18, after a interail roundtrip around Europe, Simeon decided to live out the art to the fullest. He began art school in Stockholm and it didn't take long before he could support himself with his creativity, as he does today. His interest in film and acting have been a important tool for Simeon in his work directing and editing around twenty commercials and music videos. One goal was, that he before the age of 24 should have made his first short film. And he did. This is "only" the beginning.


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