Director:  Carlo Cagnasso

Title in English:  Fratres
Original title: Fratres

2011/ Italy/ MiniDv/ 5’/ Experimental/ B&W

Script: Carlo Cagnasso;   Photography: Carlo Cagnasso; Editing: Carlo Cagnasso;
Music:  Arvo Part; Leading actors:  Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio; Producer: Carlo Cagnasso

Two twins fight against the chaos of the images.

Carlo Cagnasso (1974), graduated in Film History and Criticism and started to work in events organization, but then he took up video production. He is presently working as a TV writer and free-lance editor. He lives in Turin and in Monterrey, Mexico, whenever he can. Il segno di una resa invincibile (cm,2001), Madamina, il catalogo è questo (cm, 2001), Los Hermanos Calavera (cm, 2002), Idro (cm, 2002), Manifesto (cm, 2002), Linee (cm, 2003), Soffice sostegno (cm, 2003), Magritte (cm, 2003), Alone (cm, 2004), Dark Tango (cm, 2004), Untitled #6 (cm, 2004), Maria, detta Vigia (cm, 2005), Cantus (cm, 2005).


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