The greeting of TIFF VIII 2010
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Days have become difficult to count, but still there are not many years.Although friends have been added more than years.

In 2003, I saw created enthusiasm and love that usually accompanies a birth, meanwhile, all doubted for his longevity.

Like any alive being who walked in all stages of its growth towards maturity, with characteristic wailing smiles, eager to learn and more likely to be the best, with the responsibility of chance that comes only once in life.

Been attacked by viruses of each type and incomes from all directions, has sophisticated the only successful antibody - mad passion to give breathing every creature that feels differently, but that would like to look alike.

Thousands of other beings are created in every corner of the world, feeds him with life every year and did not leave him to repent for the adventure started eight years ago.
He almost realizes that the existence of these beings is the reason for its existence in this world and is his task to certify them out and in the same time make them popular.

This is TIFF, this will be his permanent mission, as far as nothing will fail to exhaust this creative energy that inspires us to sacrifice everything.

I am happy still consisting on in this competition artist's edition that does not banned believing in the TIFF line from his first day.

The last year winner case of TIFF, Javier Rebollo, who has participated in the first edition of TIFF-in. He is now shooting his first long movie; this is the most eloquent example of how a film festival can affect an artistic career.

One of the oldest festival participants in the world is Javier Angulo. He is an artistic director of Valladolid Festival, who has launched many film careers and that has combined so brilliant the authors and best fresh talents said:
If the great directors repeat themselves, so do the major film festivals.
And the biggest festivals are not measured if they have 2 or 20 years of activity, or if they have $20,000 or $ 2 million. (Here we are extremely large in our poverty.)

They are no logo fairs listed correctly in their Olympic hierarchy.
In his early original TIFF had the complexity of a beginner activity, which tended to have a greater flow of quantity with a wider geographic range.

After seven years the International Festival could not be proud only for his quantitative statistics, but also with the interesting discoveries of novice filmmakers as well as the stable confirmations of the authors who continue to see at TIFF a forum of diverse ideas and a competitive test of their artistic experiments.

Globalization has created a unification of the main topics that disturbs today directors, but at the same time it has sophisticated the techniques of expression and surprising findings. Facing these sticky and simultaneously building an intelligent and hedonistic program, I think this is the most represented festival of this year.

Universal synchronization of the citizens of this world through communications technologies encourages us by making much easier the implementation of the idea announced last year about an indispensable triangle between Film - Festival - Televisions. This great distance that separates the film from the audiences, we as TIFF feel the obligation, with the permission of the authors, to reduce it by passing this year from a payable television into a public information television as NTV is.

In a film marathon for more than a month, NTV program will display all the films that have signed participation form in this new television competition where viewers this time non-professional juries will choose from among 200 short films 4 genus.

We believe that even the communication innovations will bring more audience to the cinema. This will remind the city that not only the streets of palaces does the metropolis, but perhaps it will sensitize business and institutions to share with us the efforts of building a better international image.

In years when TIFF was designed, we experienced  unparalleled cultural isolation through exhausting barriers to stand by him as European citizens, so we decided to create a virtual opportunity to get out of the province's border and entered the mediocrity of Europe, bringing it through the festival in Tirana.

For 8 years TIFF offered this visa easily to the Albanians filmmakers and now that they have it in their biometric passports, the function of promoting Albania in general and cinema in particular continues to be our mission.

Hoping to be more original, innovative and very closed with you in this eighth edition, I wish good luck and success to TIFF 2010!

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