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CURATOR: Altin Goxhaj



28 November 2009 – 5 December 2009, Time 18:00 – 20:00



Albanian Art Film Institute

First Step Association

Albanian Youth Council






1.     Directorate of Student Town        Democracy Square

2.     Municipal Unit No 3                        Xhamlliku Square

3.     Municipal Unit No 6                        Main square, Kombinat

4.     Municipal Unit No 10                      Lana Bridge, Block Entrance

5.     Bathore Commune                        In front of the Commune offices



For the first time TIFF will have an independent session in the community. URBAN TIFF09 is organized in the form of a cinema in public squares in the peripheral areas of the city by redimensioning the concept of periphery into a metropolitan polycentrism. URBAN TIFF09 aims at disseminating the short film culture as a new critic communication and artistic reflection. URBAN TIFF09 tries to “open” the short films from the closed halls to public spaces by redimensioning both the public and public spaces. URBAN TIFF09 is a new community session which involves the local authorities in the organization and implementation, redimensioning the functions of local authorities as independent structures in front of the communities they administer, having the responsibility of for cultural promotion and education in the community. URBAN TIFF targets first of all the youngsters but also all the citizens of the “periphery”, exactly those citizens who do not access the closed luxury doors of projection halls, also serving to educate the taste of the public for the cinema. URBAN TIFF09 will serve as a meeting point for young people to exchange ideas and information, and for this reason in cooperation with student organizations, the Department of Youth at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports and UNFPA, information materials will be produced and distributed for a healthy life for young people.


Local Curators:

Gledis Bica

Vladimir Thano

Argyrina Jubani

Zirkon Disha

Altin Dalani




Department of Youth Policies - MTCYS

Municipal Unit No 3

Municipal Unit No 6

Municipal Unit No 10

Bathore Commune

Directorate of Student Town

Student4Students Movement


Festival Events


Festival Guests