Oda - "Nuk arrij dot të mos jem i Lumtur"
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27 Nov – 6th Dec
oda nuk arrij dot të mos jem i Lumtur
it is a space open during the Festival with:

Rotta sonora fra le due sponde (Udhë tingujsh ndërmjet dy brigjesh) video installation 8 min. mini dvd, colour, 2009

Storie e memorie italo albanesi (Histori dhe kujtime italo-shqiptare) video installation 22 min. mini dvd, colour, 2009

Shqiperia ime foto installation, 18 colour pictures 40X40 cm

28 Nov

17.00 Project presentation of Fratelli - I figli di Evaristo De Chirico (Brothers – The sons of Evaristo de Chirico)
Milies- Volos 14-21 September 2009
It is an atlas of the Pelion railway: a journey in the poetic and metaphysics world of Alberto Savinio and Giorgio de Chirico with the participation of  Petros Lekapinos, Greek architect.

29 novembre
17.00 Project presentation  T.E.M.P.O.  41° 
TransEuroMed 41°Parallel Orchestra by Têtes de bois - Stalker ON
A music journey between Rome and Istanbul, between Appia and Egnatia, along the  41° parallel. 

With the partecipation of Lorenzo Romito Stalker/ON

30 novembre
17.00 Project presentation of Carmelo Pericle 
Video-fairy tale for the Sicilian children of the primary school of Riesi (CL) within Macrame’ project in collaboration with Fitcarraldo Foundation of Turin. video 7 min. mini dvd 4:3 colour, 2009

With the partecipation of Nico Angiuli, ilmotorediricerca

1 dicembre 
17.00  Come un leopardo che corre – Like a running leopard
Piero Vereni, an anthropologist of the Tor Vergata University of Rome, will talk about Albania and his quick evolution. 

Oda library :

L’accento di realtà – the Accent of reality
a Project by Matteo Fraterno e Cesare Pietroiusti video 4’10 min.
inedited video built as a musical clip shot for the Athens Biennale of 2009.

Otnarat - Taranto a futuro inverso
Film documentary by Nico Angiuli
Apulia Film Commission Production  video 35’ min.

Film documentary by Ilir Butka video 27’ min.

Un italiano a Tirana
extra of the film Radio Egnatia by Davide Barletti

Catalogues and video selection from the Indepentent Film Show, Naples  http://www.em-arts.org/


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