Nolian Lole

Nolian Lole is an TV journalist and television anchorman since 2001. From 2013 he is the author and the co-conductor of the "7pa5" morning show in Vizion Plus Television. He haves also an another connection with TIFF because he is a short-feature documentary producer since 2003 certified from Ard, German Public television, in the framework of the South East European Stability Pact. In the morning show studio, almost every day, he speaks with his guests about the issues of actuality in Albania and Region or World, without forgetting art, cinema, culture and sports. He also works in translation of children's books and various projects related to literature from German to Albanian.

In his career that has passed almost all the genres of journalism, from sport to politics, he interviewed the most famous characters of the country's artistic and political or cultural life, and he is always up to date with the national developments and international issues and news. There is also a secret linked to the film, he has been “grown” in the shooting squares of the Albanian Television before the 90’s, because his  father was one of the film directors of that time.



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