Workshop 3, Sunday 6 December 2009
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Panel Discussion: Cross-Culturalism in Future Constellations.
This panel discussion will sum up the workshop series by aiming at the future. What is installed for filmmaking when money and filmmakers flow more easily over cultural borders? Are there lessons to be learnt from past flows, be it monetary, human or cinematic products? And where is film studies heading in all this? These questions can hardly be resolved at one session at the festival, but the discussion can be opened. The session will also provide the festival audience with the chance to participate more actively in formation and articulation of cross-cultural cinema. The panel will be moderated by Lars Kristensen.

Mr Lars Kristensen
Lars Kristensen is a PhD candidate in the department of Film Studies, at the University
 of St Andrews, with the thesis entitled 'Russians Abroad in Postcommunist
Cinema'. He has taught Russian and Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow, where he also completed his MPhil research dissertation on Aleksei
Balabanov. He has published a handful of articles on cross-cultural issues related to Russian cinema and is a regularly reviewer on KinoKultura.


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