Short Attack
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Shorts Attack

Interfilm Berlin
International Short Film Festival and Distribution

interfilm Berlin organises the Berlin International Short Film Festival as well as interfilm Short Film Distribution. Established in 1982 the festival has years of experience and ever-expanding contacts in the international cultural and short film sectors. This has made it possible for interfilm to co-operate with a number of institutions and hold regular events, testifying to the festival’s success as a platform for bringing the short film format to a wide audience. 

interfilm’s goal is to locate creative individuals and channel their fantastic ideas by bringing them together with others and presenting them in an international, culturally political framework and facilitating the exchange of imaginative concepts.

interfilm offers a wide variety of short features, animated films and documentaries to enthusiastic audiences that value these films as much as they cherish longer works.   

The International Short Film Festival

interfilm has established itself as one of the most important short film festivals in Europe. interfilm is known the second oldest German short film festival (after Oberhausen), and is recognised as the second most significant and oldest international film festival in Berlin after the Berlin Film Festival. 

More than 4000 films under 20 minutes long are submitted each year. Approximately 400 of those are then selected and programmed in a number of different thematic programmes. There is an International programme, a German programme as well as documentaries and children’s films. Special programmes focus on productions from a specific country or region. Thematic programmes also concentrate on (i.e.) music videos, advertisements, computer games, historical films and retrospectives. 

Interfilm Berlin Short Film Distribution

The interfilm distribution portfolio contains ca. 300 films. Equal emphasis is given to programme blocks consisting of 90 minutes of films and of shorts to be shown before a feature. These films are rented out to cinemas, television stations, cultural institutions and Internet platforms.

The DVD sector has been expanding very swiftly as well. These films are then shown in public spaces such as on the underground, in waiting rooms, and on „mobile entertainment“. Extremely short works prevail in this sector, and interfilm has a number to offer. 

Further Activities 

interfilm initiated and co-presents an annual short film festival in the Berlin Underground called „Going Underground“ in which the films can be viewed on monitors in train carriages. The festival is also a partner of the „Zebra Poetry Film Festival“. Together with Siemens, interfilm held the world’s first competition for short films realised using mobile telephones. Regular events are also held, such as the monthly „Shorts Attack“, which is an integral part of the cultural calendar in Berlin. 

interfilm compiles short film programmes that are shown all over the world as well as programmes of the festival’s highlights. Press coverage all year round is guaranteed, and this helps make the festival’s programme exceptional. Contacts with filmmakers and institutions span the globe too. In 2004, for example, interfilm presented itself in  Bosnia, Croatia, Latvia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Belarus, South Korea, Thailand,   Australia, Mexico and the U.S…


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