Little Budo
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Comedy | Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia | 2014 | 97’


DRAGO is a surgeon from Podgorica (capital of Montenegro). He made a fatal mistakeduring the operation and, as a result, killed the only son of a local mafia boss. Now, hisonly son BUDDHO is endangered, so Drago decides to send him to Belgrade (capital ofSerbia) to be under protection of his old col-lege friend. For Buddho, this is a great opportunity to get a taste of Belgrade nightlife. He hits the bars and roams the hot Belgrade night, looking for girls and other forms of entertainment. He is blissfully unaware that his protectors aren’t what they are supposed to be.




Screenplay: Danilo Bećković, Dimitrije Vojnov Cinematography:  Bojana Andric

Editing: Aleksandar Popovic

Sound Design: Eleksandar Protic, Nikola Zivkovic

Music: Marko Kon

Main Cast: Petar Strugar, Sergej Trifunovic,  Tihomir Stanic

Producer: Danilo Bećković, Marko Paljic


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