Albania | 2015 | 15’


The BOY is a sensitive seven-year-old, fragile and impressionable. His FATHER is a sure presence, his actions shaped by habit. When the father gives the son a first fishing lesson, it leads to larger life lessons for the boy, who is preparing to become a man. There is no female figure in this film, and yet life itself seems to be holding the little boy in its embrace, as though to convince him that compromises must be made, with no turning back.


Screenplay: Artur Gorishti

Cinematography: Latif Hasolli

Editing: Endi Ndini

Sound Design: Sergio Ho

Music: Sergio Ho

Main Cast: Andi Shaska, Artur Gorishti, Sokol Resulaj

Producer: Artur Gorishti & Luli Bitri


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