Where is my Mother’s House



Iran | 2014 | 15’


Old and the elderly people that in nursing homes have been abandoned by their children and they suffer from lack of their love. They look forward to seeing their families, to fix their eyes to the uncertain future. Despite the good conditions sanatorium like to leave and return to the bosom of their families. Madam Keshvar help to Fereshte who is blind woman. she take her to the Spinning looms every day. They unfasten skein of yarn and do it over and over. It seems that this futile repeat is much hope for their survival.


Screenplay: Slema Nayebi

Cinematography: Anosha Javaheri pour, Said Hesari

Editing: Slema Nayebi

Sound Design: Slema Nayebi

Music: Venligst, Friborz lachini

Main Cast: Hajiyeh Khandabi, Fereshteh Hidari,  Keshvar Skandar Saleh, Parvane Amini

Producer: Selma Nayebi


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